Letter candidate for admission to your PhD program(for the

of Recommendation

It’s my pleasure to provide this letter of
recommendation for Elshan Musazade as a candidate for admission to your PhD
program(for the Scholarship).As Elshan’s direct manager who worked closely with
him throughout his time here, I was impressed with his work ethic, friendly
personality, and ability to work well under pressure. I’m confident that he has
the skills to do well as a Senior Laboratory Assistant in a Bionanotechnology Laboratory
over the past two years (2016-2018). Elshan did an excellent job in this
position. I am delighted to be called upon as a reference for Elshan. In this
letter I would like to express my respect and appreciation for this bright young
person, who brought outstanding contribution to the work of my group. I first
became acquainted with Elshan in 2016, he began to study at ANAS Institute of
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

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Elshan is thorough,
friendly, and helpful, all qualities that made him an excellent addition to our
staff.All of us at ANAS Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology will
be sad to see such a valuable employee go, but our loss is truly your gain. Since
the beginning of our collaboration I know him as a creative problem-solver. He has
a broad range of skills, handles responsibility well, communicates his ideas
clearly. He grasps new concepts quickly and accepts constructive criticism and
instruction concerning his work. He always takes an active role in our works. In
addition, he represented our institute at local and foreign conference such as International
conference devoted to the 80th anniversary of Botany Institute (2016),
2nd Azerbaijan Science Festival (2016), 8th International
Conference “Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability”. When
he has a concern or question about an assignment, he speaks his mind clearly
and directly, giving voice to what others may feel but cannot or will not say.

If his performance in
our Institute is a good indication of how he would perform in yours, he would
be an extremely positive asset to your PhD program. Elshan has my highest
recommendation for the position of PhD programs. He consistently impressed me
and the rest of the staff with his exceptional knowledge, critical-thinking
skills, respect for others. I’m confident that he will surpass your
expectations in this new role. He is self-confident, smart and I know he will
continue to find success in future educational life. I firmly believe in his outstanding
abilities for scholarship and strongly recommend him for further education at
your university.You can contact me by letter / e-mail if you require any
further information at [email protected]

Best regards,