“Leaving reason for my decision to such an extreme

    “Leaving North Korea is not like leaving any other country. It is more like leaving another universe. I will never truly be free of its gravity, no matter how far i journey.” – Hyeonseo Lee. This quote is someone from someone who lived in the place i would want to use my ticket to anywhere to. This reason for my decision to such an extreme place would because, little information about it is known, it’s a unique place, and it would be very intriguing to learn the culture and lives of the people living there.    North Korea an isolated nation. Unlike like other nations in the world North Korea is a communist nation, meaning they are ruled by a single person, a dictator. Their dictator being, Kim Jong Un. Mr. Un is very conservative and doesn’t like other nations knowing about what he is doing in his country. Not only do we know so little about North Korea, but the people there know little to nothing about other nations as well. To me this makes it mysterious and worth getting to know, many of the people who have come from North Korea or visited it describe it as different and unreal. I would love to have the opportunity to visit such a place and understand the government and just to see how truly different it is compared to what I’m used to.Furthermore, since it’s so isolated and different(communist) it makes it unique. I say this in the sense that it’s one of the handful nations in world to be communist. In my point of view I don’t believe it’s a “good” unique in the sense people have no freedom, but an interesting one because it’s one of the few to be around. For example in my opening paragraph a woman who lived in North Korea described it as a different universe one she could never forget, this describes how such different it and unusual it is. Many people wouldn’t consider North Korea unique instead they would describe it as extreme, cruel, dangerous, etc. I believe those characteristics it exhibits is what makes it unique, there is no other country that could compare to it…Finally, the lifestyle of the people in North Korea I assume is different to mine and many others lifestyles I have encountered. It would be such an amazing experience to witness a “new” way of living. The people there to me are rare, they’re like ancient tribes hidden in the forest not wanting to be found. They’re scarce and unknown by many, which makes it more interesting, this makes me want to know more about the people and understand them. It makes the rest of the world wonder what they think in their community, how they view us, we label North Korea as bad, but to them is “bad” their way of living.In conclusion, North Korea is my place to go if I would be givens the opportunity to. It would be extraordinary to visit such a place and learn something new. Even though there are by far more beautiful places to visit, in my eyes North Korea is a must go to in my lifetime. This concludes my ticket to anywhere.