Learning He grasp them pretty fast and deliver a

Learning new technology:

Jaghatheesh was assigned to critical projects where he had
to learn many new technologies. He grasp them pretty fast and deliver a
solution that was compatible and out of the box with the client’s requirements.
He was learning everything from new technologies. I have seen his growth from a
freshman with limited knowledge in this industry to a senior design engineer
capable of handling a project by himself.

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Jaghatheesh strongest abilities are to think innovative and
act determinative. Due to this he was often called upon by other team members
to resolve the most difficult client projects.


Jaghatheesh has taken step in mentoring his junior team members
throughout the course of his tenure. I was always astonished how he got the time
to manage his projects and guide other team members.


An example of his commitment towards work was when he was
assigned a project to develop in a very short span, he built a team and coordinated
well with them and provided a solution in a well-planned manner. When our
manager told him that the project was critical and would need his assistance for
its successful completion, he dint think twice before committing. He uses his
vacation time to complete the project. That is the level of commitment that
defines Jaghatheesh.

Process improvement:

When the organization asked to improve existing processes to
meet new goals and objectives, Jaghatheesh developed a process manual to carry
out day to day operations. He automated processes which reduces people
involvement. He also reduced failure which increases customer satisfaction.

Productivity improvement:

It is one of the main concerns in any organization. He
effectively improved productivity by eliminating ineffective process, simplifying
the method and optimizing the system. Apart from this he follows strategy to
increase his productivity at work by setting self-imposed deadlines and track
the time spent for each task.

Analytical Skill:

Jaghatheesh have the ability to analyse information in
details. Being a creative thinker he was able to see a problem from a different
vantage point than most. This allows him to solve complex problems by
taking decision in the most effective way. He prioritizes things during crisis