Lately and analyze results. Because of our global business

Lately many organizations used to
calculate and analyses data on speculations. But by the time and increasing
demand of data analysis, business intelligence and data analytics is increasing
rapidly that today it is used in many organizations like financial departments
many government and non-government sectors and mostly in corporate world. The
term “intelligence” has different meanings with respect to business
intelligence. The main significance assign to the human learning that is being
executed or to what level human intelligence is connected to the Business
activities 1. It is an examination of an application concerning
the innovations and human cognitive resources connected to choice help to take
care of different business issues. The second meaning of intelligence refers to
the information gather from the particular source to evaluate the data and analyze

Because of our global business nature, the
environment of businesses become more and more competitive. Due to this reason
demand of intelligent steps for growth of business has become very important.
Organizations need to make precise decisions for their businesses due to market
demand. Business intelligence with the help of data and information provides
decision making. It is the strategy that companies uses to forecast the past
data and data analysis. Many methodologies and applications are used by the
organization provided by BI that collects data from different sources and make
those unstructured data in to structured data, run queries and then generate
reports and visualization among the data to give broader organizational level
decision making.

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Considering these problems, we are going to analyse
data of software industry on open source BI system tool that will use ML
algorithms like linear and logistic regression, decision tree, SVM, naïve
bayes, KNN, K-means, random forest, dimensionality reduction algorithm,
gradient boosting algorithm 2 to analyse the unstructured data to
forecast trends. On the basis of the forecast trends, the report will be
generate using one of the ML algorithm. This generated report will be our final
result of research. It will contribute to innovate new trends in market with
less expense. BI is an innovation driven process for breaking down data and
showing noteworthy data to help officials, directors and other corporate end
clients settle on educated business choices.

BIS shall provide us analytics which help us to discover efficient
business decision-makings. BI is a system that stores authentic information regarding
business solutions. Analytical systems can be extremely useful for business
investigators, corporate administrators and for different specialist who can
run queries and reports against a diagnostic database keeping in mind the end
goal to accomplish their business objectives and destinations. BIS works with
the existing data and predict the future sales forecast providing the
beneficial edge to the business. By figuring the product point of sale, BIS
will suggest the levels of inventory which will help to increase the purchasing
of products according to the market trends.