K’na, was also an educational movie to where you

K’na, the dream weaver is a indie movie film that parallels to the traditions of the indigenous group of T’boli. It is written and directed by Ida Anita Del Mundo. It took place in Sout Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines. “K’na, the dreamweaver” was listed in Cinemalaya 2014 under the new breed category. The story is about a chieftain’s daughter who fell in love with a commoner and is destined to find out who she really are as a weaver. In order to attain peace in her country land, she must sacrifice her one true love. This story is all about responsibility and emotion, it dwells on the fact that it is a cultural movie so it should show the tribe’s traditions and culture. It was an educational movie and at the same time a form of entertainment. The director greatly plots the story of romance inside the cultural movie in order to prevent boredom. The plot of the movie focused more on the romantic story rather than the traditional one, it is clearly a princessy kind of movie film since it showed that K’na may not marry a commoner for she is the chieftain’s daughter. K’na was one of the people in a nation of dream weaver, she grew up not knowing how to weave and in order to  attain her dream and to fulfill her duty, she was ought to sacrifice her true love, Silaw, whom is a commoner and is not parallel to K’na’s place in the nation.The theme was duty and romance, where in it showed that as a chieftain’s daughter you must seek the good of everyone first before your own, in order to achieve the peace everyone wants, she sacrified her happiness and her true love to fulfill her duty. It also showed the forbidden love of K’na and Silaw, wherein they tried to fight for their love yet was conquered by her own duties. The overall concept of the movie was great, I loved how the cultural movie made connection to the romance that’s been growing from the start, it was also an educational movie to where you can learn the traditions and culture of the indigenous group. As a normal teenager, I hoped of a happy ending between Silaw and K’na, because the major part of the story was about the two of them showing and falling in love with each other. But the emotion that the ending may bring is different to any other person as someone may like it because family and duty always come first.