Kingdom make changes. Kingdom MED Pharmacy employee needs to


      Kingdom MED
Pharmacy needs a website to reach out to the community and also to serve
and support the current Kingdom MED Pharmacy customers.

Kingdom MED Pharmacy needs a website that can be maintained by a Kingdom MED Pharmacy
employee, without the need to regularly external employ to make changes.

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Kingdom MED Pharmacy employee needs to be able to add and revise both text and
photos and additional pages if necessary.

     There is a substantial number of people
using search engines to search for local pharmacies. Having a website gives
exposure that can greatly increase the pharmacy’s chances of the general public
finding. People are searching, and the pharmacy needs a chance to be listed
among the results.

     Online customers may be searching for
products and services or may be looking for important information about the
pharmacy, such as opening hours or a telephone number. If the pharmacy does not
have a website, this information will come from third parties and the pharmacy
will have no control over what their customers are seeing or where their online
search leads them. There is the possibility that they may be directed to a
competitor’s website, which could result in the loss of that customer.