Killing beings have created wonderful and effective things that

Killing us softly

            In the course of history, human
beings have created wonderful and effective things that have improved certain
areas of society. Over time, the innovations of technology reached the
corners of the earth to become part welcomed by many cultures. Previously, man did not need a computer, or any technological device. If humans in today society didn’t have
their cell phones in an emergency they wouldn’t know whom to call. If you lost your cellphone and all of
your contacts, it’s very possible you’d have no idea how to get in contact with
anyone, let alone someone important to you. When losing your phone you lose more than contacts most people
lose the ability to do small mental task.  If the Internet
went down people would go wild because they are too concerned and rely too much
on social media and other application on the phones. The cell-phone is one of the greatest
technological advancement of all time; unfortunately human have become too attached and overly dependent on technology in
todays society.

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            Daley activity requires a large
percentage of a technological device or, at least, it has become
“natural” to always have any of these tools. Not having an “intelligent” cell phone made it virtually
unacceptable in society. Beyond the benefits that these
imply, let’s look at the problems that have brought us:

            Personal relationships are not as
before; now it is difficult for us to drop the cell phone and look the people
we are talking to in the eyes. Due to all the social media
apps people are able to keep in touch through apps. Unfortunately that’s as deep as the relationship gets. Apps like Facebook and Snapchat have made basic social skill
insignificant and irrelevant. 
As a resulted made the basic skill of making eye contact is a lost art. As an example, when having a conversation people look at their
cell-phones constantly, they are not present, or paying attention to the person
for being on the cell phone. All the attention is on the
cell phone. This shows that technology brings humans closer to
those who are distant however they unconsciously make society blind to those in
front of them, ignoring close friends, family and loved ones.  

            Even education has become dependent
on technology, students depend on Wikipedia and other websites to do the tasks,
and do not even read the work, they only “copy & paste”. So, are students being well educated? Before, it was very different,
they gave you homework, you went to the library and you had to read one or more
books to finally do the homework. Doing
mathematics is impossible in today era with out a calculator; many kids in the
education system don’t know basic multiplication tables. They don’t know to do long division and when it comes to doing small
addition or subtraction they have to bring out a calculator or cell-phone to
complete simple math.

            With the technology of computers
English papers have become easier and faster to write. Due to the fact of having the whole library in one Google search to use
as references. Unfortunately, since it’s so convenient to use
Microsoft word society have lost the art of penmanship. Students have become so reliant on Microsoft word they also lost the
art of spelling. Asking college and high school students to write a
paper by hand would be a disaster.

            With the introduction of cell-phones
along came small conveniences like contacts list, calculator and spell check. Since then phones have advanced into small portable computers that run
social and multi media applications. When going
to walk or play sports, one must take their mobile phone with them, as if life
depended on it. It became impossible for humans to walk the city
without being aware of whether they received a call, a text message, or an
email. Humanity began to conform and satisfy with
technology, and not only this but also has placed its dependence on it, which
led to dehumanization. Although technology brings many
advantages, these have become disadvantages over time since it has made society
a lazy and easy. Human have become too attached and overly dependent on
technology in todays society.