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Kenneth Kersey-RussellMrs. JundtAP English 1111-21-17 The Kersey-Russell PlanWorld poverty has been known to be a problem for thousands of years and still is a challenge we face today, slowly growing and deepening into our society. This is the main topic  that Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics, points out in his article ” The Singer Solution to World Poverty.” Singer stated that the answer was simple; whatever money people spend on things you want, not the things you need, should be given away. Taking people’s money that are used for luxuries and giving it to the poor can help, but at the expense of people’s lifestyles.The nation’s economy depends on the extra money people make. American consumers make up the majority of the economic force in this country. If Americans do not spend money on luxuries, businesses, factories and other companies will be shut down. This will cause the unemployment rate to rise, and our society will not be able to support the people losing their jobs. America is based on the “pursuit of happiness,” people work hard, and pay taxes just to live in this country. Having money gives people the ability to buy the things they want. That is what most people in America dream of. It is one of the reasons we grow as a society. With that being said, who is wise enough, or smart enough to make the decisions about what is luxury, and what is necessity? Who will ever be capable of giving the vast amount of wealth to one person or group over another? Singer’s solution is not close enough to what we can actually do, or even a possible idea to end world poverty. As a whole, there is only one benefit to Singer’s solution gives people the chance to end world poverty. Millions of Americans live in poverty. Billions of people all around the world live in the same way. Many live in what appears to be an infinite cycle of poverty that stretches lifetimes or even generations. Too many people blame the men and women for the socio-economic disparity that they have to go through. Singer’s solution gives people the chance to possibly end world poverty. Plans have been made to do the same thing, and most plans have fail or are still in progress. Singer’s proposal gives people an idea to help solve the problem. However, the causes of poverty, and the factors that make it so difficult to get rid of are far from being something that people can easily fix.Poverty and sickness is everywhere, and people should try to help in any way we can. However, taking the money that people worked hard for and having them give it away to people they have never met seems like the rock that will cause the rockslide. First, people are selfish, and many will not be willing to give up their luxuries just to give it away to others. Men and women work hard for the the things they need so they can also enjoy the things they want. Singer thinks that people should give the extra money, that they would usually use for luxuries, away. Singer should also know that people have grown up thinking, that money is important, and many if not all men and women will not give away the money they worked hard for. Yes the plan gives us a chance to possibly end world poverty, but the plan will never be close enough to what we will ever actually be able to achieve. Singer’s solution seems to rush a process that will take a long time. World poverty is something that needs to be solved, but Singer’s plan is not something that is ever going to be possible to put into action.