Jarrod help develop skills essential in using the target

Jarrod Hammonds

Spanish 2314

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Writing Assignment Case study 3


circumstances happen every day, they are just problem we have to deal with, and
procrastination is something that many people have to battle. Because of this
it is easy to understand the pressure Chris was feeling while trying to
complete his assignment at the very last minute. However, as explained in the
case study, Chris knew that the use of an online translator for assignments is
not tolerated. There are several reasons for this rule, one being that the use
of such a translator is plagiarism, as doing so is taking personal credit for
the work done by a machine. The whole point of taking a class for a secondary language
is to gain proficiency in using the target language, meaning that assignments
are structured to help develop skills essential in using the target language.

Using an online translator, such as google translate, undermines the whole
point of the assignment, and makes any work done honestly pointless. Chris had
enough time to complete the assignment in English, showing that he understood,
and was capable of completing the tasks of the assignment; the only thing
missing was the Spanish. The case study even mentions that Chris fixed some errors
made by the translator, and this fact highlights how poorly these translators
can work. What this shows that Chris has enough proficiency in the language to
catch such mistakes, and that, given enough time, he would be fully capable of
producing honest work. It is unfortunate that Chris let himself get to a point
where he had no other means to complete the assignment truthfully, however, by
no means is the use of the translator justifiable.

I were to give Chris any advice, my biggest suggestion would be to work on
organization and balancing work and school. Both work and school are important,
and if people could afford to go to school without needing a job, they would.

However, when work starts to hinder school performance, that is when you need
to take time and re-evaluate your priorities. The case study mentions that
Chris “had to work additional hours”, which was an unplanned circumstance.

However, this extra time commitment wouldn’t be such a large problem if Chris
had taken the time to get his assignment done before the absolute last minute.

There are plenty of tools available that make staying organized infinitely
easier; using a planner or calendar to keep informed on due dates, as well as
breaking up the work over several days are just a few ways this whole situation
could have been prevented. Even simple communication with either his boss, or
his professor, could make this situation better, as it is possible that he
could get an extension on his assignment, or be relieved from working- both
better alternatives to cheating.

all else, Chris should take this experience and use it as motivation to prevent
himself from dealing with a similar situation in the future. Plagiarizing is
never justifiable, and the potential of being suspended from school should be
far more concerning than having a bad grade on a single assignment.