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January 22,2018Zimbabwe Ezra Baisden There are many incredible things about Zimbabwe.  Some of the marvelous things about Zimbabwe is the animals, birds and the culture.  There are many animals that roam the plains in Zimbabwe.  The fastest is the Cheetah.  The birds in Zimbabwe are also very cool.  The African Fish Eagle is sortive like the Bald Eagle. Also the African Harrier Hawk is like the hawks here.  Their culture is amazing to.  They love to sing, dance, and also like to make sculptures.  Zimbabwe is wonderful.   ` The fastest animal is the cheetah.  It can reach 65 miles an hour and maintain that speed for as long as 60 seconds.  Cheetahs are very sneaky.  They sneak up on their prey and then they try to jump on it.  If this does not work then they start to chase it.  Most of the time the cheetah catches the prey, but sometimes the animal doges out of the cheetahs grip.  This animal is very amazing.  Another thing that is fascinating are the birds.  There are thousands of birds in Zimbabwe.  One of the birds is the African Fish Eagle. This is a big and majestic creature.  This animal does not only eat fish,  but it also eats rabbits, gulls, amphibians, and crabs.  It is very quiet while hunting because fish can hear very well.  If it does not catch an animal that it wants it will go and steal food from other birds instead.  Another fantastic bird is the African Harrier Hawk.  This is a large bird of prey.  It will steal from other animals and eat smaller birds.  Another way to catch its food is to dive.  This way it can gain more speed and kill the animal faster.  These are some very interesting birds.  Another thing that is famous in Zimbabwe is their culture.  The culture in Zimbabwe is another interesting thing to study.  ? of the people in Zimbabwe speak Shona.  Shona is a Bantu language that is spoken a lot around and in Zimbabwe.  Another thing that is part of their culture is the art and music.  They use traditional rhythms and sounds to make their music.  They use music in their stories to make them more interesting and fun to learn.  The sculptures are made out of Black Serpentine and Verdite.  They make sculptures to represent great people in their history.  Zimbabwe’s culture is awesome.Zimbabwe is a wonderful place to visit.  It has sculptures and awesome animals their.  The hawks and eagles are majestic creatures.  The cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth, and it can reach Sixty-five miles in hour.  Zimbabwe is an amazing place to be.