It that person forfeited their life by taking or

It is said in our Declaration of Independence that as
an American people we are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. However, when someone commits murder or even rape, has that person
forfeited their life by taking or damaging the life of others? Capital
punishment, or also referred to as the death penalty, is a government sanction
were a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for his or her crime
they have committed. Crimes in which this punishment is tied with are ones that
fall under the category of capital crimes or crimes against humanity and
typically include offenses like; murder, mass genocide, rape, treason and or
espionage. This punishment has been practiced for many centuries, through that
time, mankind has turned from less barbaric ways of this practice to more
effective ways of performing capital punishment, such as through lethal
injection, making it quicker and virtually painless. Although many may believe
it to be inhumane, capital punishment is a moral must that keeps criminals off
the street, enables constitutionality to pursue, and gives the worst of the
worst their honest punishment. Executions performed by the federal government
are less frequent then some would think or argue this is compared to those
executions performed by state governments. Since the federal government has
given that decision upon the state legation it has been given more publicity. Recently,
the death penalty has been in recent question about its further excitant and is
heavily debated

In America today, there is heavy discussion about
capital punishment. There is a majority that believe some murders should be put
to death and there is another majority of Americans that believe no murder
should be put to death. Those opposed of capital punishment believe that the
criminals have a right to keep their life, which brings up the question; is
there anything a person can do to deserve the death penalty? To those opposed
to capital punishment the answer is no. Many opponents to capital punishment
believe that killing murders is the same as murder. Another argument is that
keeping all murders alive sanctifies the value of human life. However, the
opposing stance is also true; keeping every murder alive cheapens human life
because it makes light of murder it. A finite example would be that the
punishment of murder would have the same value as someone who got a ticket for
speeding. If this were the case it would degrade human life and make murder
less severe of a crime. In all, many that oppose the death penalty believe that
it is barbaric and uncivilized for a society to kill its own citizens.

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On the other hand, many that are in favor of this
punishment believe that death is really the only true and just punishment for
depraved murders. The death penalty serves as the ultimate deterrence letting
criminals know that they are risking their own lives if they were to commit
heinous acts like in many cases murder, rape or torture. Many of them believe
that keeping heinous killers alive would result in murder for many more people.
The death penalty effectively prevents criminals from committing anymore crimes
whether it is in jail or on parole in the free world. Life without parole
cannot keep criminals from murdering or harming prison guards, or even fellow
inmates. The people that are in prison for life have nothing to lose. No matter
how good the security is, there will always be someone who has the will to
escape. Occasionally, some of the people will be successful at it. If you are
in jail for life, then you have the rest of your life to come up with a plan to
escape rather than the death penalty where it is one less thing to prevent.

With that all being said, I believe that the role of
government involves the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness from enemies foreign or domestic. Likewise, I believe that capital
punishment is necessary for protecting the American people from criminals. If
the punishment can fit the crime and someone purposely kills people, especially
multiple, the death penalty should be charged. I also think that capital
punishment speaks the loudest to other deranged killers knowing that if they
are planning to take someone else life, that they will receive the highest form
of punishment that there is. If one were to look at it from the victims’
families or close friend’s perspective, they better grasp the morality behind
the punishment. Knowing that the person who murdered his or her child is being
given shelter, three meals a day, and a place off the street or out of harm’s
way is enough to make anyone question the justice system. How come this
murderer is alive and well while a close friend or relative is dead, and the
punishment is better meals than most schools? When someone commits a truly
heinous act, including mass homicide, they should receive the highest form of
punishment. It is moral justice as well as a means to relatives keeping their
peace of mind.

While many believe capital, punishment is more brutal
and inhumane, it is only fair to the families, victim, and people of America to
keep the criminals off the streets, keep moral justice in line, and protect the
nation. If the crime has exceeded all moral values, capital punishment should
be instated. An eye for an eye, a death for a death.