It make the work convenient and make the person

It is irrefutable fact that skill
plays a vital role in any engineering course because without these skills,
industrial practical work is not possible. We must acquire these essential
skills for education, occupation and life and these can use in distinct region
at diverse level (1). There are myriad pros of essential skills such as
increase productivity, safety, profit, quality, customer satisfaction and
reducing the scrap, loss, fatal accident and many more.

To commence with, these are basic
skills which is mandatory for every work. According to ABC life literacy
Canada, basic skills contain nine skills such as reading, document use, numeracy,
writing, oral communication, working with others, thinking, computer use, continuous

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skill: – This skill provide us immense information by reading something like
paragraph, sentence etc. For instance, in the workplace or college, numerous
documents used for various work like handbook, machine instruction, contract
and education notes.

use: – Another main skill is how to handle all paper work which give
instruction the worker in form of symbols including charts, vendor bills, and
electrical drawings.

– It includes mathematical work which play crucial role in electrical field
that how to calculate length, cost, material, and area, units (ampere, volt and

d)     Writing: the skill which
is used to write the documents, e-mails, giving instruction to other employee
and making the notes is called writing skill.

communication: The capacity to switching the opinions with confidents and
remove the barrier of communication is known as oral communication.

with others: In any organization, there are many employees and we have to
co-ordinate with each other as a team to improve the company efficiency.

– It is mental activity which is used for planning the project work before
doing anything.

use: – As we know that, digital technology is proliferated day by day,
therefore every electrician must know that how to take advantage of these
technology. For example, AutoCAD software, which is used to make the wire
drawing for industrial use in two dimensional and three dimensional in order to
make the work convenient and make the person techno savvy.

Learning: – This is best strategy in order to improve because nowadays
technology upgraded with the passing of time. So we have to continue this
learning attitudeProblem
solving skill is crucial for my course electrical monitoring system because
there are numerous problems in electrical wiring and circuit that how to make a
circuit, how to resolve the issue if the electricity is not coming.