It I supervised his projects. Due to his sincerity

            It gives me immense pleasure to
write a reference letter for Mr. Salman ul Mouzam Abbasi who remained my
student during his undergraduate studies of Biomedical Engineering at MUET. He
is known to me since his admission in university. Unlike most undergraduates,
he is a non-traditional student who has returned to university life with zeal
for learning and genuine appreciation for his educational opportunities. During
his studies, he has remained technically sound.

            Salman ul Mouzam is an intelligent,
hardworking and perceptive pupil, he is a take-charge person with strong
qualities of initiative, leadership, and management, he is able to present
creative ideas and communicate their benefits as well. He is very devoted
towards his work and has exceptional grasping abilities.

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            He has also proven himself to be a
very bright young man during class discussions. I taught him Biomedical
Instrumentation and Engineering Dynamics, he always paid a serious attention
during lectures taught to him by me, Salman also remained technically sound, I
supervised his projects. Due to his sincerity towards studies and obliged
attitude he has always been in my good-books.

            I adore the leadership skills of
Salman ul Mouzam, because of his skills and abilities he was elected as chair
of the IEEE EMBS MUET Student Branch Chapter which is the biggest society for
the engineers in world, that was the phenomenal achievement. Due to his
remarkable participation in technical, social, humanitarian and other events he
is well known in department and university.

            Therefore, I believe that his social
activities, grade point average and analytical skills he exhibits in the
classroom demonstrate his true academic and professional potential, making his
an excellent choice for your program. I enthusiastically endorse his
application and wish him a very good-luck for his future. Thus I hope that you
will help him to achieve his goals by selecting him for the masters program. I
appreciate your time and consideration on his behalf.


            Kind regards.