It alcohol, instead partake in the dangerous and selfish

It is truly a melancholy object to look out to the roadways of this great nation and see an overwhelmingly inappropriate number of sober drivers. These stone cold sober drivers, instead of manning the wheel under the safe, euphoric state of alcohol, instead partake in the dangerous and selfish act of driving with a clear mind that is not only endangering the lives of other citizens on the roads, but the innocent lives of America’s drunk drivers. If the rate of sober driving continues to increase, so will the rate of accidents and fatalities. It may be agreed by all that the present number of drunk drivers is deplorable to the potential that it could be. Simply put, there are just not enough drivers who drive under the influence. In the year 2016, NBC News approximated that only a mere 4 million of Americans drove drunk. A shameful number it is indeed.The number of people in this great country currently hovers at just about three hundred twentymillion (US Census Bureau). Of these I calculate around two hundred ten millionlicensed drivers (Federal Highway Administration); from which I subtract the four million who already drive while intoxicated (NBC News). This being granted, there remains approximately two hundred six million drivers who do not currently drive while under the influence. There remains roughly two hundred six million drivers, along with their families, friends, and peers who will be benefited from my proposal. The question therefore is, how this number be curbed to decrease the sobriety of drivers, which, under the present state of affairs, is impossible by all the methods hereby proposed. For there are laws that prohibit underage consumption of alcohol, laws that are designed to maintain the sobriety of the roads, laws that deem it illegal to drive intoxicated. As for my own part, I have found lawmakers of drunk driving laws to be wrong in their computation. Our current laws are unfairly making felons out of drunk drivers. It is a criminal offense neither for the destruction of a person or property, nor is it of reckless driving. One can be a criminal merely for the chemical makeup of a person’s blood. People automatically assume that drunk driving lends its hand to bad driving, but no one points fingers at the sober driver.