Issues cultures and religions.My first strong exposure was when

Issues of diversity and inequality are deeply important to me and hence it is exciting to see that Wenatchee Valley Collegeexplicitly emphasizes the importance of campus diversity. I want to briefly include my own take on this topic alongsidewhat I hope to do.India is a plural society1. It is a repository of a multiplicity of cultures. Indian civilization, stretching over five thousandyears, provides the most distinctive feature in the coexistence of unity in diversity. I am proud to have my origins from anation which has a grand synthesis of cultures and religions.My first strong exposure was when I got the admission in Integrated Master program in National Institute of Technology,Rourkela in India after qualifying my AIEEE-2010 exam. Being in NIT RKL offered me a chance to get acquainted witha wide spectrum of brilliant minds from different parts of the country, which provided me a stimulating environment formy all-round development. This first time exposure allowed me to understand the real essence of diversity that taught mehow to respect it. With this mind-set, I found myself to be immensely respected by the students while I was at the AssistantProfessor position at the IEC because IEC housed undergrads coming from the twenty-eight states across the whole country.This immense experience has undoubtedly helped me in shaping or in particular, has enhanced my understanding of diversityand inclusion and made me realized that diversity is fundamentally the relationship between a communitys distributionalong a multitude of dimensions (e.g., physical traits, interests, cultures) and that of of the general population. I am stronglyin favor of a diverse community that samples broadly from the general population. There is no problem in understandingthe fact that similar groups are more predictable, more agreeable, and tend to share similar goals. This results in preferentialtreatment for the common and shunning of the outliers – outliers in race and gender are popular targets, but so are outliersin thought and habit.My goal is for everyone passing through the WVC to accept that people vary widely along every attribute imaginable, andthat this is valuable. The following are some ideas on how I can make an individual impact. Additionally, I would love tolearn ways that can scale my efforts, and am open to other initiatives.In my teaching, I take seriously the challenge of teaching to diverse audiences. As I explain in my cover letter, I have foundthat my students have an enormous amount to teach me and I strive to learn from and to adapt both the style and content ofmy teaching material to reflect the diversity of my students. This has included mundane but important steps like learning tolecture more effectively to non-native English speakers as well as to create content and syllabuses that are more diverse inthe material they include. In organizing classes, seminars, and lectures, I have found that more diverse programs are ableto attract, and communicate more effectively to, broad audiences. By bringing in a wide variety of perspectives, a morediverse program can also support broader, more widely applicable, and more memorable learning.