investment medicine required. Employees have been involved in protests

investment income. readily available in the market. This either leads to
improved or poor performance in experienced in the outcomes inter connected to
health. Several factors affect a person’s health which are an individual’s
personal lifestyle, government rules and regulations and the environment where
one resides.

The administration gets involved by reducing costs in order that they
can be readily affordable to every person considering that health is a priority
which should be focused on keenly. The health care insurance costs are likely
to be eliminated which is contrary to what the public expects. This may lead to
increased costs incurred by the patients. There are diverse government
provisions to be enacted which lead the citizens to relying upon health
insurance schemes. Fitness is also very essential and exercising daily enables
one to live a healthy kind of lifestyle.

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It is a major challenge to earn credit from any recognized financial
institution due to financial strain that is being experienced recently. This
has affected the health care industry greatly. However, policies play a major
role in curbing many challenges that are faced due to such matters. Failure to
access loans has affected the hospitals since they rely upon such funds to run
the errands necessary to accommodate and meet the needs of the patients in the
facility. This has led to inadequate working staff and medicine required.

Employees have been involved in protests whereas some have resigned due
to underpayments, an issue that the government should immediately solved by
reviewing the nation’s budget. Another factor affecting health care is the
increasing number of the un insured individuals which means that many services
offered in hospitals are not paid for. The debts are increased since the law
requires that patients accommodated in emergency rooms should be in a position
to pay for the services that are provided.

 The high unemployment rates are
the reason why many people are not insured. In addition, employees earning low
income are most likely to be un insured in case they get terminated at their
places of work, or if the contract is terminated. The effects that face an
economy lead to decreased demand for health care facilities therefore affecting
the practitioners’ income. In case patients are not in a position to pay for
their bills, losses are reflected on the

The major potential benefits of educating the public about health
economics is that when health services are rendered to a particular individual,
it benefits the entire society. For instance, if a patient is suffering from a
contagious disease it may affect many people at a go. These services are preferred
by the private sector since when prices are fixed privately, the benefits of providing
them are omitted in most cases. The potential benefits are involve provision of
quality services, cost management and being sincere to the departments for reliability
in future transactions likely to be conducted.

Availability of markets promote productivity because in order for a product
or service to be sold and accepted by clients, innovation has to be enhanced to
improve on the quality. However, there has been stiff competition in the
industry which has got both merits and demerits. However, it is very important
since it ensures that the products that circulate the market meet the necessary


            If a health care system is being run
properly, it should have a stable economy considering that the factors are
directly proportional to each other. This means that each affects the other in
the same manner. Other factors affecting health care include costs and
reimbursement rates. Analysts must be employed in order to come up with the
most valid decisions to come up with the best results that are necessary to
ensure that everything runs smoothly without any hitches. There should be
regulation strategies to cater for the well-being of all individuals irrespective
of their financial backgrounds. This ensures safety to all people in the