Marketing has a very wide scope. It deals with launching and making the products or services, which satisfies the needs and wants of people or consumers. A product is launched in market after considering a lot of things because to ensure the achievement of goals or predetermined targets. It is a great idea to launch or introduce a new car in Australia.
Before introducing it, Market information is gathered and analysed. This is a very crucial step. It is done to study the market conditions, needs, priorities, and preferences of the customers. And most prominently to find opportunities and threats present in the market. In Australia, people love to ride and buy cars which are speedy, stylish and comfortable and should have more exciting features in it.
So, introducing new car with special features looks like a great opportunities but business environment not only deals with privileges and opportunities, it also take or have risks and threats associated with the product , this is how business runs. There is one threat related to launching the car whether it will achieve the targeted sale or not because after studying the market we have come to know another company is also launching a new car with special features , now it depends on the people and market what they will prefer . Even after this risk, the car would be surely launched because this car would have better and more special features to increase its sale.
So, after analysing the market, a proper plan is made from production of the car to the end. Planning is the management activity which builds the path between idea or goal and its achievement. It reduces the chance of mistake and guarantee success.
The next step is to design and develop a car. The car is usually popular because of its unique design and shape. So, Car is further proceeded towards assembly line where it would be finally made and assembled.
In the assembling line the parts of the car would be made or arranged according to the designed car. Special engineers and technicians are engaged for the manufacturing of a car. The car have special features , it have super music system, it is not manual ,it is automatic ,amazingly its two have only two seats and, its shape is attractive (long) which looks trendy and suits the status and standard of people. It would be available in special and royal three colours i.e., Black, White, and Red.
Permission and licencing is required for the production and launching of product.
Manufacturing of car comes under various rules and regulations like it should be safe, no harmful objects would we used during production and after its manufacturing it is tested, then the patents and trade mark is given which will protect the car from copying.
Then branding of a product is done which means to give a special name and symbol which will be its identification mark. A unique name will increase the reputation and generates repeat sales of the car.A brand name is given to a car which is LAMBOZIN and have this attractive sign * , which will provide the following benefits: a) It helps in product differentiation from others car
b) Ease in introduction of the car as it will act also as promotional tool.
c) It ensures quality of the car.
d) Boost it the sale of Lambozin
e) Ensures its continuity
Because the name is quite suggestive, easy to pronounce, unique and stylish and will become popular. It will definitely stay in power like other luxurious cars
The company would provide release order, permanent bill, and 5 years warranty and 3 times free service and provide many after sales services.
Now the most vital step is taken on which the demand of the car (Lambozin) depends, the price determination .price is the amount of money which a consumer pay to buy or obtain a product. Price is a very powerful weapon to control the demand and other factors and goals of the company. In fact, price is the income and profits of a company which is generated after selling of car.
Price of the car would be determined using various factors. The factors which would be considered are discussed below:
a) Cost: cost is the total expense which is incurred on the production of the car. So, to survive in the long run , the price would be set which will cover the whole cost and will result in reasonable profit to the business
b) Demand: Demand of a car is usually high in the market because people wants to increase the standard of living, so, price can be set higher or moderate.
c) Competitors: Now we will search for the competitors in the market and the competitors are Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini etc. According to their rates, the price will be set.
So, price will be determined $ 80,000.
Now the car is ready, the next step is to make it easily available to the consumers.
It is a crucial step as if the car is not available at a right place and at the right time, the consumer won’t buy it. So, we will make it available by following ways:
a) opening new big showrooms at many big cities
b) open a website through which consumers can online view its profile
c) making it available on online websites

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By making it conveniently available to general public and maintaining appropriate stock will help in generating sales

Then next step is to use various activities to inform about the product to the customers and influence them to buy the product (car) .It is a activity with heavy cost or expense .To make sure the success and achievements of goal ,best techniques would be used.
There are many tools which can be used for the promotion of the car (Lambozin) which are enlisted below:
a) Public relations and publicity: It refers to generally making good relation with public using or through media, it helps in increasing the goodwill and reputation. For the promotion of the car, a conference can be arranged with media or press. The car Lambozin can be introduced with its exciting and attractive features and its launching date would be announced which would help the general public to know about it and helps in influencing them.
b) Advertising: It is a non-personal way of informing about the product to customers using television, newspaper, magazines etc. The car Lambozin can be advertise through television , magazines as it will reach masses , and it is more expressive and will surely attract customer.
c) Sales promotion: It refers to providing incentives or benefits with the product which attract the consumers psychologically and boost the sales of the product (car). To promote the car quantity gifts can be given, coupon can be used on each car to find one lucky draw, free insurance to first five customers, and test driving can be used. This type of short term incentives supplements the promotional activities.


Sugarcane juice is a luscious natural drink, full of nutrients.It is produced by pressing the raw, decorticated sugarcane stems in a crushing process. Sugarcane juice is essentially a mix of water and saccharose and it holds all the nutrients from sugarcane. It is a natural energy drink with electrolytes, antioxidants and complex carbohydrates which has a very low effect on sugar levels of blood. There are numerous healthful advantages and medicative properties of this drink many of which are unknown to the people. It makes the abdomen, kidneys, digestive system, heart, eyes, and brain sturdy. The juice can be extremely useful in case of weak teeth by providing a form of exercise to the teeth and makes them sturdy. It additionally helps keep the teeth clean and increasing their life.
This sweet, appetizing beverage is enjoyed in many cultures of the globe. In Pakistan, sugar cane juice has become a popular ingredient at local juice vendors. This is definitely because of the sweetness it saturates in juice mixtures without the loss of processed sugars which might be harmful to the body.

History and Background:
The origin of the sugarcane juice consumption is linked to the exploration of the sugarcane. About 195 countries grow the crop to produce 1.5 billion tonnes. The world’s largest producer of sugar cane out and away is Brazil followed by India. Uses of sugar cane include the production of sugar, sugarcane juice, Falernum, molasses, rum, soda, and ethanol for fuel.

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Sugarcane is grown in Pakistan from the past times attributed to the mighty river Indus and its tributaries. The region, referred to as Indus valley civilization historically had the knowledge of sugarcane production and also the extraction of juice. Traditionally sugarcane juice and pealed sugarcane cut in small pieces for chewing is used round the year.
Sugarcane Production in Pakistan:
Sugarcane juice is greatly appreciated in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh and Punjab, where the sugarcane culture has always been dominant, not only due to its flavor, but also because of its great energy worth. Pakistan captures a vital position among the countries which produce sugarcane. It is on fifth position in sugarcane production. Area and Cane yield of some cane producing countries is given in the following table:

Sugarcane production trends:
Sugarcane is grown on an area of more or less million hectares in Pakistan. The Punjab shares 62%, Sindh 26% and N.W.F.P. shares 16% of the entire area. The national average cane yield is 47 t ha-1.Sindh with 53 t ha-1 is the chief province followed by N.W.F.P. (45 t ha-1) and Punjab (40 t ha-1).
Cane yield potential of some commercial sugarcane varieties in the country: