Introduction to reflect on how they intend to come


Team conflict has a significant impact which will affect the work and work environment.

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This impact could be positive or negative as:

Good conflict fosters respectful debate and yields mutually agreed-upon solutions that help to improve work.

Bad conflict occurs when team members simply can’t get past their differences, killing productivity and stifling innovation which definitely affect the work outcomes.




–         Conflict are not only disagreements in opinions but there are other points that may cause conflict such as personality, industry, race, gender, and age.

–         Management respond to clashes as they arise or wait until there is a clear evidence of a problem before addressing it, however this may allow frustrations to build for too long, making it difficult to reset negative impressions and restore trust.

–         The Article speaks about a developed and tested a methodology that focuses on five areas: how people look, act, speak, think, and feel.

–         This methodology could be implemented by having a series of 20 to 30 minute conversations, encouraging members to express their preferences and expectations to identify the area of disagreement -if any- and coming up with suggestions haw things can work together. 

–         The manager will start the meeting and conversation in order to get to know each other making sure to include everyone in the discussion also making sure that everyone is comfortable to share his or her ideas.

–         Going forward in the conversation and in order to encourage every one to participate the manager may start sharing his ideas and make a starting point for the discussion once feel that the participants are in to the dialogue get steam manager should allow participants to guide and share ideas.

–         The five topics which are: Look, Act, Speak, Think and Feel, could be arranged at any order or a separate conversation could be done for each one of them.

–         LOOK: People always make judgments on others character, competence, status according to there looking and briefest exposure, these judgments are mostly negative, so the discussion about the look helps to reflect on how they intend to come across to others—and how they actually do, which lead to better understand team or working environment and understand each other.

–         ACT: Some acts and attitude could cause conflict especially in a diverse team as some acts are accepted in some cultures but not accepted in others this may lead to clashing behavioral problems. Not showing commitment in time is an example for unexcepted act when working with a team, also some people may accept your voluntary help in their work, but others may consider it interfering in their work. So, such conversation may help each other to come up with a team attitude or team act.

–         SPEAK: Having a diverse team with a different languages and accents also may cause conflict as people choose to express themselves, tolerance for candor, humor, pauses and interruptions, and so on and the possibilities for misunderstanding are endless.

Language deference is not the only the purpose of disagreements as open organizational goals can also lead to miss understanding of the team target and cause conflicts, so team members should be open to each other and accept different ideas, such conversation should help to achieve that.

–         THINK: What each team member thinks about each other and the work of each other may by a biggest reason of one part of solving such thing is to put every member in its suitable palace in the team and give him a suitable role that match with his abilities. So, such points must be discussed in the team conversation.

–         FEEL: Team members may have diverse ways to express their feelings, how to show passion in a group, and the way they manage their emotions in the face of disagreement or conflict. So, negative feelings is an important issue to be deal with by team leader as open communication channels must be there between team leader and team members so prevent any negative effect on the work, as early discussion will help to solve things before in become a big conflict.




–         Conflict may arrise from any thing that can start small and become bigger and bigger.

–         Main purpous of conflicts could be: Nrgative first immpration, not accepting some behaiveros, diversity in languages and culturs and what peopel think or feel about each others.

–         Early and open disscution between team member can prevent any conflict and help to unerstad and accept each others.

–         Conflicts must be addresed as early as possible befor it affect the team and work.

–         Open communication channels must be there between team leader and team members so prevent any negative effect on the work.


The benefits of dealing with conflict before it becomes destructive is important. As this may improved creativity and team work. As one manager put it: “We still disagree, but there’s less bad blood and a genuine sense of valuing each other’s contributions.



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