Introduction Since the invention of computers, they have been


Since the invention of computers, they have been highly use by human being’s
due to their ability to perform various task. Computers are being used almost everywhere and have
become an integral part of our life. We depend on computers to make our lives
easier. Almost in every aspect of our lives, we use computers
for example, they enable people to
do their work while staying at home. By using computers, we can keep in touch with friends and relatives
who lives far away from us. It also
helps us to find out and analyze any kind of information. They are also a good
source of education because it helps students to enhance their manual dexterity skills as they operate
a computer mouse and keyboard.
Through computers we can also be aware of many important issues which occurring
in the world and about entertainment… The uses of computer
are so many that we can’t able to count them, but do you think our dependence
on them is getting a little out of hand! Our whole life revolves around and
depend on computers, now a day we are addicted to them. So, my query is, are not we becoming too dependent on

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In today’s world, everyone totally relies on computers and this reliance
has both advantages and disadvantages. Computers have many advantages, but
these advantages have also many negative effects.  Through research’s and scientists, it has been
proven that computers have many negative effects on children’s. As claimed by
expert essay writers at, the rate of illiteracy has been increasing than it
was before the invention of computers. They claimed that instead of
self-reliant, students use computers for research and to work on their
assignments. They use the research they find through websites to do their work
and as a result they learn nothing. Students are discouraging from free
thinking which kills creativity because everything they do is copied from
internet. In this way, the level of illiteracy has been rising.

In future, there is might be no difficulty for older learners, but
younger learners between the age of 7 and 15 who are learning on how to read
and write will may have difficulties. When it comes to spelling, usage of
Computers has also decreased our ability to spell words. Many programs on
computer have a feature that
automatically corrects spelling errors and makes other substitutions as soon as
a user types text. These day’s
we are unable to work without an autocorrect on the computer. This is one of
the way which tells us that how dependent we have become on computers.  As a result, learning by heart become
difficult for younger learners. Instead of computer if they use a pen and a
paper it would be easier for them to remember. Moreover, they can also improve
their writing skills. According to scientific research, handwriting is a
critical skill that pays a main role in the growth of intellectual development.1
The use of computer has been rising for younger leaners and it has been claimed
that computer are only be used by old learners, for assignments that are long
such TOK essays and cannot be written by hand