Introduction me since I was at a very young


In the
past, I used to think that those people who listens to K-POP is very silly
because how could one listen to a song but do not understand a word as they do
not understand the Korean Language. In the end, I became the “silly” one who
goes crazy over K-POP. One of the songs that got me strung into K-Pop was a
song called “Sorry Sorry” by a boy band named Super Junior. However, I still
did not craze over K-Pop just yet, even so, it did not stop me from listening
and going deeper into this genre. I got really into K-Pop when I heard a song
called “Growl” from a boy band named “EXO”. That got me idolizing “EXO”, which
is a start to a whole new interest and hobby. I started liking other idol
groups like, “BTS”, “Red Velvet”, “Girls’ Generation” and many more. It became
a hobby where I will watch the idol’s reality shows, music videos and listening
to their songs to kill time. (should I say something to link to soooo what is
this kpop?)

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The rise of Hallyu – K-Pop

Wave or also known as Korean Wave has been taking over the world. So, what is
this Korean Wave phenomenon that got every one obsessed with? The term,
“Hallyu” is a popular used term, which means “Korean Cultural Wave”, which was
first introduced in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists who were amazed at how fast
the popularity of Korean entertainment and culture is growing (globeone, 2018).

“Hallyu” includes K-pop, K-dramas, K-movies, and K-lifestyles following Korea’s
own high technology that also means the increasing goals to know more about
Korean culture worldwide (globeone, 2018). The whole “Hallyu” wave has got me
since I was at a very young age, but I was more of a K-pop person because K-pop
was the reason why I got into the Hallyu Wave fever. K-pop is one factor from
the “Hallyu” Wave that is growing rapidly. What is K-pop? K-pop is basically
Korean Pop Music which spans to different genres like, dance-pop, pop ballads,
techno, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and so on. Approaching the 21st
century, K-pop first gained its popularity in East Asia entering the Japanese
music market, and grew from a musical genre into a subculture among teenagers
and young adults of East and Southeast Asia. Today, via the Korean Wave
phenomenon, K-Pop has been spreading to other regions of the world where there
are fans even in parts of Latin America, Northeast India, North Africa, the
Middle East, Eastern Europe and immigrant enclaves of the Western world ( 2018).


The rise of K-Pop on the global stage is
possibly best represented by Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, which swept the world as
soon as it was released in late 2012. The song topped the charts in more than
30 countries, including countries like, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia,
Canada, and Australia. The YouTube video of the song has gathered over 3
billion views, so far ( 2018). Psy’s “Gangnam Style” gained worldwide
success was anticipated by a surge of K-Pop idol groups, such as “TVXQ”, “Super
Junior”, “Big Bang”, “2NE1”, “Beast”, “Girls’ Generation”, “2PM” and “Wonder
Girls”, who took control of pop music markets across Asia.


are a few reasons as to why K-Pop is becoming more popular each day. Some of
the reasons are, firstly, there are stories happening in their music videos
that could make fans being able to relate to their songs better even if they
could not understand Korean language. (Lifehack, 2018) I agree with this
because, I could not understand the Korean Language at all, but their music
videos have a story to them which made me understand better what the song is
all about, you do not have to be a Korean to be able to relate to their songs. Another,
reason would be their addictive melodies and their choreographies, where the
boy and girl groups have appealing songs writing which makes their music more
attractive to fans no matter what language they speak and K-Pop idols are well
known for performing complicated and challenging dance routines live – proving
that they are truly skilled and not just well edited in their music videos.

Lastly, K-Pop idols are multilingual, this is so, they could add in English
lyrics in their songs and not only does this appeal to fans throughout Asia,
and it also makes K-Pop artist more reachable to fans in the Western world. As
for this case, one example would be a hit song from “Big Bang” called
“Fantastic Baby” (Lifehack, 2018).



popularity has gained a few benefits for their own country, South Korea.




Soft Power








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