Introduction: Completer-Finisher, with some Plant and Resource Investigator traits


this present paper, I will explore and discuss the literature on teams and
teamwork in order to review the current importance of teams in general, in
Occupational therapy and in paediatrics. I will also reflect on my personal experiences
of teamwork and on my learning in relation to teams.

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Literature Review Findings:

Good teamwork

Skills and attributes

Benefits of good teamwork

Common issues that arise in teamwork:

According to Payne (2000) in his book, the
most frequent issues arising in teamwork comes from problems with power and with
organisational structure. Payne defines power as one’s capacity to achieve a
desired outcome, that can stem from a myriad of sources such as interpersonal
relationships, political power and social power. Conflict often results from an

Reflections on learning about teams and

what you have earned from discussion of teamwork and your experience of
teamwork in task based learning  



team-role profile and analysis:


For my Belbin profile, my results uncovered
that I am a Completer-Finisher, with some Plant and Resource Investigator
traits also. The main characteristics of a completer-finisher team member include
a capacity for following through and attention to detail. They tend to be motivated
by internal anxiety while appearing unruffled on the outside.

Inherently they are not keen on
delegation and prefer to tackle all tasks themselves. This is something I had
previously noticed about myself in a past job position as a supervisor. It took
a week or two for me to settle into this position and to realise that it is
much easier and more effective to delegate my workload to other staff members. Another
trait of the completer-finisher role, is an intolerant view of those with a
casual disposition. This is another fault of mine I have observed in my current
and past workplaces, I can become annoyed when I feel as though a staff member is
not pulling their weight. In the future, I am going to strive and tackle the
issue head-on with the person in a positive and “problem-solving” way rather
than feeling aggrieved and disgruntled.

I can see various similarities between
my characteristics and those of a Plant profile. I am independent and prefer to
work by myself in most situations. Regarding the traits of a Resource Investigator,
I am enthusiastic, good at communicating and proficient at exploring new
opportunities and developing contacts. One potential weakness associated with
the resource investigator type is a tendency to lose enthusiasm unless they remain
stimulated by others.




for practice experience:  

1.     Reflect
on how you can begin to work on developing your team roles and skills.

2.    Choose
two to three objectives for yourself to work on during your practice and
explain your choice.


of discussion