Introduction 1898. The War there was fought over People



Cuba is located in the Caribbean in the Northern and Western
Hemisphere and its capital city is Havana. Cuba is made up of over 4,000 island
and the main island is the  biggest in
the West Indies and the 106th largest nation in the world with a total range of
110,860 square kilometers. Also Cuba’s water covers 1,040 of its entire land.
Cuba is also populated with over 11 million people and the currency or money
all those people use is Peso Convertible. But tourist can use currencies such as USD or any other
type of currency they have. Cuba became a independent state in 1902, after getting its
supreme power from Spain. Cuba was 
discovered by Christopher Columbus in October 1492. Cuba was known as an
 accessible resource of raw sugar. Now in
the year of 2017 Cuba is mainly known for nickel which is used for products
like stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys. Corrosion-resistant
alloys are various components associated with environmental objects or gas
products. Some Amazing
and Good sites in
Cuba are Places
like Old Havana, Trinidad, or The Malecon. These sites are all many places
tourist or citizens of Cuba really visit. But the main two are Castillo de San
Pedro Del Merro which has a UNESCO designation which is The United Nations
Educational, Science, and Cultural Organization. It is located at the main
entrance to the Bay of Santiago, which is 10 kilometers southwest of Santiago
de Cuba which is the county’s second largest city. The Country of Cuba also contains a huge amount
of religions.  Some people are Catholic
and some people follow  Native African Religions.
 Cuba is also populated with a lot of Latinos,
Africans or mixtures in between races. These are many interesting facts about

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Body 1

You said that information already in your intro. Start this
section be saying: Cuba has a rich and interesting history. Since its
foundations in the 1400’s Cube today has evolved into a very diverse island with a
unique and vibrant culture. One of the major events in Cuban History is the
Spainsh American War. This happened in_____ and was war between____________ and
_____________. It was important because_______________

Santiago was also a main point in the Spanish American-War.
Being So there was a battle  in Santiago
which sealed the deal for the Americans vs the Spanish. The Battle here
withdraw here during July 3rd 1898. The War there was fought over  People wanting Cuba to independent and also
because Americans wanted the country to get its own colonial empire. But Cuba
Discovered way before the war Cuba was discovered in 1492 on October 28 but
Cuba was founded in 1868. The first Governor of cuba is name Diego Velazquez de
Cuellar. He ruled until  his Death in
1524.  He became Governor in 1514 after
his conquest in 1517 and 1518. So Velazquez played a big part in Cuba’s beginning because he was the  first governor of such a large country. Also
Velazquez also founded the settlements of Bayamo, Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba,
and Havana. Nowadays in the year of 2017 the current president of Cuba is Raul
Castro who has been head of Cuba’s armed forces and served as a defense
minister. He also was in the revolution for his brother Fidel Castro. Soon in
2008 He became President of Cuba and since that time he also he has also put
the restoration of ties of the United States.