Internship of the application. As a part of my

Report (CS 5020)


I, Sai Srujan Kovuru, Id no-700663011 started working as a
Technology Development Associate intern in Softworld Technologies LLC. from 11th
January, 2018. Since this internship constitutes towards my Curricular
Practical Training(CPT), I want to give details of the internship program and
my duties as an intern to beloved Dr. Xiadong Yue.

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To begin with, this internship has provided me an opportunity
to learn more in programming and application development. I work with the core
team of the company in developing a module, that provides support for the whole
project. I also get to communicate with the stakeholder to discuss about the
system specifications. This helped me understand more about the product, the
deadlines and the deliverables.


To be more specific, I work for a team that creates and
maintains a Management Object Model. The model has objects that provide
services to the applications running on a network. Also, I run tests and debug the
code to resolve the issues in each module. JAVA is the core language used for
application development in Softworld. So far, I have worked on Java Runtime
Environment(JRE), Java Virtual Machine(JVM), the Eclipse IDE and the plugins. I
also working on Oracle Database System and Java Database
Connectivity(ODBC-JDBC) to manage and access the data. I am currently learning
HTML and Javascript to work on the front end of the application.


As a part of my duties, I implement the logic to increase the
code coverage with Java SIM. The testing and troubleshooting of modules that
are developed, is one of my responsibilities. I design and assist the
application installation and work with the network administrator for the
application integration of the software modules.


At last, I believe this internship is a very good opportunity
for me to improve my programming and software development skills. It gave me a
better understanding in AGILE and SCRUM methodologies and on the Software
Development Cycle. This internship helps me gain the technical skills needed
for a software developer.