Internet going to look like if Blockchain is mass

Internet transformed the way that we live, work and make business. The blockchain is going to change our lives in the same way the internet did 30 years ago and I am going to write about the actions that an entrepreneur should take now in order to make the profit from this new technology. First of all, I would like you to come with me in a dream and imagine how 2030 is going to look like if Blockchain is mass adopted. All our personal identification like driving license, personal identity cards, passport, keys, and passwords are going to be stored in a digital ID that is open source and secured by Blockchain. My newly born child is going to have his/her birth certificate encrypted in a register that is secured by blockchain. It also applies to the death certificate of my grandmother and my wedding certificate. In one of the Unicef’s press release is written that one in three children under five does not officially exist due to prohibitive fees and because records are not secured. Because anyone is going to have a digital ID, the electorates are going to be elected by real people and the government will be what it is meant to be. Trading settlements, insurances processing, cross-border payments, exchanging money, money lending, all of these things are going to be made faster, cheaper, more transparent and more effective by smart contracts and smart bounds.So, as we can see upper there are many ways that Blockchain can change our lives but the good part is that cryptocurrency world is still at an early stage and entrepreneurs can adapt to new technologies like Blockchain and make use of it. The best way of looking at how we should invest in future, is to take a look at the past. The web decade of 1997-2006 brought us Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, Google. The smartphone decade of 2007-2016 brought us Uber, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter. The early investors in each of these company made a lot of money because they had shares that meanwhile doubled tripled or made even ten times more. Interestingly in 2017 Bitcoin, the first currency ever tried on Blockchain technology, raised from the price of 900$ in January to more than 19.000$ in December that means a gain of more than 2100%. Moreover, the whole cryptocurrency market raised from a total market capitalization of 18 billion to 600 billion. What should I do in 2018 in order to be relevant in 2030? Well, maybe I missed the Bitcoin train, but the Blockchain technology brings on the table almost 1400 coins that can make you profits and can change your future. So, I am going to suggest anybody do exactly the same thing I already did, more exactly to invest in ICOs that have a lot of potential in future. How do you know which coins has potential in the future? Well, you must do a lot of research and see if it is worth investing in. First, when you find a ICO, look at their frontpage. If it does not look like a scam, take a look at the whitepaper and try to understand what the project does. If there are a lot of sophisticated words that say nothing the project sooner or later dies. And the last and most important thing is to check the team. It is important who develops the project, who is adviser for it and so on. For example, another thing that it has been investing in last few years is Artificial Intelligence. One of my presumption is that the small companies who are involved in AI, sooner or later will be bought by bigger companies like Uber, Google and Amazon. I already found a AI ICO called Sonm that has in development team structure some guys from AirBnb. Having such a big company as AirBnb as backup, being involved in the same time in AI, having a nice frontpage and project gives me nothing more than the trust to invest into the company. Moreover, I think that there are already some coins that are going to get over bitcoin in few years, so better invest in them while they are cheap. On the other hand, if you do not want to invest in other companies, you can create your own one. The process to create your own ICO is pretty long but in the end it is worth it. Usually on stock market companies are listed because they are too big and they can not be lead by one person anymore. On cryptocurrency it is different. You list an ICO for the purpose of crowdfunding. First stage of selling tokens is private. Second stage is IPO (Initial public offer) when anybody can buy tokens. Usually for  the minimum investment you need at least one Ethereum in order to buy tokens but for some ICOs it can go even to 3 pieces. Also when you create an ICO it is very important to let investors know where their money goes. As history teaches us, the only way entrepreneurs have success is when they focus on building trust with the customer, when they have good communication and when they deliver quality and innovative service. In conclusion Blockchain is not so different of our current way of making business. Entrepreneurs have to be open minded to new ways of making money and opportunities, focused to make their own research and in the end, their actions can be relevant until 2030.