International deforestation if only one country is trying to

International action is needed to reduce levels of deforestation because more and more countries are realising that if the tropical rainforest is to have a future, it needs concerted international programmes. The United Nations has a number of international programmes. There are also some important international treaties.
Firstly, international action is needed because developing countries want to use the forests in an unsustainable way. The United Nations on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation deals with a wide range of pressuring issues and use a variety of strategies. This international programme is needed because it it provides guidance on how best to design and implement strategies to ensure that forests continue to provide multiple benefits for livelihoods and biodiversity. This programme also gives international funding to support LICs eg: rich countries rewards LICs for reducing deforestation.
Secondly destruction of forests is a global concern so it impacts all countries around the world. So to reduce deforestation it needs a global approach. If there isn’t international action then it will be harder and less successful to reduce deforestation if only one country is trying to tackle this problem. For example, an LIC might not have the finance to help reduce it and they might not know how to, so it will need finial support from other countries. Thirdly, deforestation is very hard to monitor because it happens so quickly and can cover a large area, so having other countries involved can also make it easier to monitor the deforestation.
Thirdly, the international treaties like CITES (Convention ok international trade in endangered species) helps prevent extinction of species and raises awareness and without this many species may become extinct due to deforestation.
One of the biggest challenges is to stop the huge amount of illegal logging that us still going on in rainforests. Given the remoteness of rainforest areas, illegal logging can easily go unnoticed so spotting where it happens can be difficult. However, with international action, satellites can help monitor this. Non-government organisations such as Greenpeace and the and WWF are also playing a part in tracking down illegal loggers. This stops the extinction of species and there is a marginal improvement in the number of hectares of forests that are sustainable to manage.
Overall international action is needed because deforestation happens so quickly and covers a large area so more countries and people need to get involved to prevent deforestation.