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In the beginning of the chapter, there is a lot of detail about the aesthetics of the bunkhouse. It was described as rectangular with whitewashed walls and a wooden door latch. Also, against the walls, there were eight total bunks, but only five of them were made. Over each bunk was an “apple box” to store belongings and the shelves were completely filled. Finally, in the middle of the room, there was a table with playing cards on it. George finds a small yellow can in his bunk; he read on the label that it kills “lice, roaches, and other scourges”. The swamper further explained that a really clean guy used to sleep on that bunk, so he might have been the reason why that can was there. In addition, the author writes, “George was working up a slow anger” after the swamper talked about the guy.The boss started to wonder why George was talking so much for Lennie, so he said that he’d never see someone “take so much trouble” for someone else. He also asked George to explain what his interest was. At this question, George told the boss that Lennie was his cousin and that he told his “old lady” he’d take care of him. George was trying to cover up the boss’s suspicion of Lennie and why he wasn’t talking.After the swamper leaves, George said to Lennie that he’d seen guys like him before who tested others. His exact quote is, “He was kinda feelin’ you out. He figures he’s got you scared and he’s gonna take a sock at you the first chance he gets.” Slim was talking about the new puppies that his dog had and Lennie said he wants one, specifically a brown-and-white one. Previously, in chapter one, George promise Lennie that he would get him a puppy instead of mice for him to pet.Steinbeck means to imply that the first time Curley met George and Lennie, he only focused and noticed Lennie, probably analyzing whether if he could fight him or not. The second time they meet, Curley seems to notice the sarcasticly rude way George talks to him, so he focuses his attention on George. I can infer that other people (not including George and Lennie) only depended on themselves to find work and that it probably wasn’t considered normal in general for migrant workers to travel together at the time. This tells me that the workers most likely felt like they couldn’t trust anybody else besides themselves to get a job. Because they were so desperate to get jobs, they couldn’t have another person dragging them down, whether it be a stranger, a friend, or a family member. This is probably why both the boss and Slim thought it was strange for George and Lennie to be traveling together.