In trending IT models. Other main thing is that

In the
first Article, Mihail Dimitrov and Ibrahim Osman has examined impact of the cloud
computing on the organizations in terms of cost and security. This Article has
addressed issues through identifying cost risks and security benefits that organizations
experience while adopting cloud computing. The main cost risk which has been
identified is lack of accurate and sophisticated cost models on present cloud
market. The security benefits are identified including the improvement of data
safety, lower financial commitments for Risk Management, security centralization,
security maintenance and improved security software mechanisms, support and
maintenance, and faster data recovery and transfer. This research has shown
several major implications. First implication is organizations consider staff
reduction, and respectively reducing of operational and administrative costs
that brings as the most essential cost benefit. Second one is cloud computing
is better for the small and medium sized organizations. On the other side,
hybrid cloud is considered as most appropriate cloud deployment model according
to their research, representing a perfect balance between sensitive data issue
and the cost savings. Third one is avoidance of cost risks for organizations that
requires developing the new and more accurate cost models to reduce the calculation
of the costs for cloud services, and also an increase of competition on cloud
market which should be stimulated.

Second article Dion States different ways that cloud computing change business.
One way is Creation of a new generation of the products and services. The
economics of the cloud computing allows innovative companies to create products
which weren’t possible before or significantly less expensive than competition the
other way is a new form of real time partnership and outsourcing with IT
suppliers which means Companies that followed traditional outsourcing of their
IT services few years ago already know how it feels so earlier what used to be
in-house is now started doing somewhere else and changing anything is hard.
Other thing Dion discussed is a reconciliation of traditional SOA with cloud
and other trending IT models. Other main thing is that elevates the change in
organizations because of cloud computing is the rise of new industry leaders
and IT vendors. The more self-service IT from the business-side. Many
cloud solutions, especially as they relate to SaaS, require increasingly less
and less involvement from IT department. 
The other way that impacts business is the slow-moving, firms will have
trouble to keep up more nimble adopters and the fast-followers. Not
adopting the cloud computing doesn’t spell immediate demise of the traditional
companies that aren’t good at making technology and cultural, but it pile into
other recent advancements and make it even harder to compete in modern business
environment. At last, those very slow to adopt benefits while managing the risk
are likely going to face more serious and growing economic and business

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