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In her book Losing Bodies , Susie Orbach who is known as a British Psychology therapist published in 2011 in the journal social research. Susie Orbach justified how media today play a big role on how people view themselves. Media such as magazines,films,photos of celebrities or well built trainers, begin to make people feel like they have to look a certain way in order to be classified as beautiful or fit. The reason this topic was chosen , because it informs the audience about the influences that social media and culture beliefs  have on women. ” Losing  Bodies by Susie Orbach is informative, because it  also uses pathos , ethos, logos. In Susie  Orbach 2011 article, she goes up against the issue of worldwide ladies being judged of their body types and how institutionalizations is supplanting assorted variety.”In 1995, a tv show started broadcasting in Fiji.” During the broadcast it showed “11.9 percent” of Fijian adolescent girls were diagnosed with bulimia(Losing Bodies, 2011,p.245). The media has advertised three well known food diet commercials such as , Weight Watchers, Slim Fast and Lean Cuisine to get people to try and eat healthy in order to look appealing just like super models who are later on introduced to (FGM) Female Genital Mutilation.(FGM) involves  partial or complete removal of a female external genitalia or injuries to the organs. Susie Orbach reason for making this known to the public  because she felt that if you are going to change your appearance do it on the terms of motivation not because of the way social media  tell or show people what they should look like when it comes to celebrities or models with perfect bodies due to the decisions they chose to make in order to look the way others wanted them to or to feel happy about themselves.” Susie Orbach in the Losing Bodies stated In Shanghai, Eastern Europe and South Korea  they are known for having leg , eyelid surgery in order to get the look they are going for.”In Argentina, those with restorative scope have the perfect to a remedial framework consistently or twice every year. Those without social protection extension can buy their new chests and have them implanted in individuals when all is said in done recuperating office. So significant in this way unavoidable is the inclination that our bodies are not okay as they are that private affiliations see profitable openings while state affiliations see duties toward their citizenry. This is most radically in the West as government bodies oversee and measure kids and adults in view of a spurious quantifiable motivation, the Weight Record (BMI) (Oliver 2005). Those of us more than 40 did not grow up with this measure yet rather with weight diagrams isolated into little , medium-, and huge restricted. Today, prosperity money related issues has been enchanted and gotten by a measure of weight and stature that, despite being tested by the National Foundations of Prosperity