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In the era of technology one abundant thing we all need in our lives is computer. We are using computers on a day to day basis to complete our everyday chores. Since we heavily rely on computers it is  important for us to know what it is, what it’s made out of and it’s function. So what is computer? Computer is a programmable elctronic device that accepts information, manipulates, process, store and retrieve data typically in binary form. It can calculate faster and efficiently than human. There are so many things that can be done with a computer like playing games, sending emails, getting paid, browsing different websites, watching videos. Nowadays we have to rely on computer for almost everything. The word computer came from the latin term “computare” which means to calculate. A computer is made out of different components. So in order to understand how all the componanats work as a whole we need to understand how each component functions. Otherwise, it’s like trying to learn about human body without knowing about its’ organs and it’s function. A basic computer consists of 8 components which include a computer case, motherboard, central processing unit, power processing unit, random access memory, hard drive, graphic processing unit and optical drive. A computer case is like a human brain which holds all the wires and keeps them in place. So when we shift it the wires are still securely attached. It also allows air vantilation which prevents from over heating. The back-bone of a computer is the motherboard. It is also reffered as logic board or main board. The reason for it being called motherboard is because it connects all the parts of the computer and make everything centralized using its printed circuit board. Another important componant of a computer is the central processing unit or else known as CPU. It is called the brain of a computer. An avid tech journalist named Jeremy Laird said that the CPU’s function is to select instructions, process them, perform arithmatic and logical comparisons, and store results of operations in memory. Nowadays we have computer avilable with dual core or quad core. All it means is that computer has two CPUs or four CPUs. The more CPU cores a computer has, the faster a computer will be  to perform a task requested by the user beacuse it helps maximize potential and processing power. The power processing unit provides energy for the whole computer. All the information that we save gets saved on the hard drive. RAM is the memory where it can be accessed randomly. Graphic processing unit is used primarily for 3d appliactions. A optical drive is basically a cd or dvd drive.  Computer has two parts which are hardware and software. Hardware is the parts of a computer that has physical stucture like mouse or keyboard. Software is the set of instructions that directs hardware what to do and how to do it. There are many softwares that we use on a daily basis like google chrome, firefox or internet explorer. Whenever we hear the word computer the first thing that comes into our mind is laptop but there are different types of computer. They come in differemt sizes and shapes. They perform different functions in our lives. Desktop computers are mostly used at home or in offices. It has different parts like mouse, keyboard, speaker, monitor. Then we have laptops which is battery powered and can be carried anywhere we go. Third type of computer is tablet which is handheld computer and  is more portable than laptop. The other type of computer is server which serves up information to other computers on a network. In today’s life we use different types of electronics which are basically specialized computers. For example, smartphone and tv. The four main functions of a computer are input, output, processing and storage. The information that is entered into the system is called the input. Any data can be entered with the help of softwares like microsoft word or excel which makes it really easy. The process of entering data can be done in few ways- manually, automatically or both. Manual input is done using peripherals like mouse, keyboard etc. It can also be done using secondary storage media and networking interafaces. All the data that is entered into the computer can be dictated by different application softwares. Data can also be fed intelligently using robotics or automated system. Data processing involves manipulation of  raw data into meaningful information. It is the core function of any computer system. Data is processed in the microprocessor which is the brain of the computer. It is also known as central processing unit or as we call it CPU. Computer can efficiently and effectively solve numerical problems. It saves time and is more acurate. It is also inexpensive since it processes a lot of information at the same time.  This calculation is a great example of data processing. Another function of computer is to store information. It stores data that can be retrieved later. Example of storage is memory and USB drives. One of the most commonly used function in computer is output. Basically any information that has been processed by and sent out from a computer is considered output. For example, when we send information from computer to printer that print is considered as output. Also when we listen to music using speaker the loudspeaker output sounds. There are various types of output such as graphics, text, tectile, audio and video. Digital representations of nontext information is called graphics. Examples include animation, drawings, charts or photgraphs etc. Tactile output is mostly useful for people that are blind because it is raised line drwaings. Music, speech or any other sound is considered as audio. Video is the recording of images played back at speeds to provide the appearance of full motion. All in all because of computer the whole world is in our hands. We can do anything and almost everything with the help of a computer.