In technology has been a negative issue in our

In today’s modern world, technology has replaced human interaction causing problems in our lives. Technology all around the world is becoming very advanced with its rapid development and involvement. In the article, “The Impact of the Internet on Society: A Global Perspective” written by Manuel Castells, talks about how technology and the internet have been impacting our current and future lives. Also, it talks about how the media often reports that a great use of internet increases the risk of isolation from others. Technology gets in the way of our lifestyle and has been causing many problems in our daily lives. The development of technology can alter the future with such things as social life, with a lack of privacy and our opinions may be shifted.A major component of our life consists of various communications and how our social life is being affected in many ways. Although technology has benefits, it has many disadvantages such as having no social in our daily lives. Technology has a big impact on our work and overall effort during the day. This has been highlighted in the article “If you become uncomfortable talking to colleagues when you don’t have anything specific to talk about, this could influence your potential working relationship and overall productivity down the road”(Jones March 23, 2017). Having technology has been a negative issue in our lives because it has been not only affecting our regular things but our work as well. Having no communication during work is a huge problem because we won’t get to talk about the plan more deeper and not be able to express our ideas. Having potential working relationship is absolutely important during work because it gets you involved with the employees. Technology has not only been affecting communication and social life but also causing lack of privacy. In addition to communication and social life, privacy has been a major issue around the globe. Privacy is a big part of our daily lives and is an important issue that has been affecting many people. Technology has gotten so advanced that strangers can track you with a limited of information you give them or even your name. If anything such as your computer gets stolen, they can track you in a second. “Other than the creepy nature of knowing that your phone is keeping a digital footprint of your every move, a safety issue also arises from this secret location record”(Powell 16 May 2011) has been highlighted in an article. Privacy has an effect on your life and how badly it could be impacted. The stranger can track you at any time if they have any information about yourself and can have your life in great danger. Technology has a great effect on our privacy but also our opinion may be shifted. Lastly, children, these days are always on technology playing games and are watching youtube videos. Their opinions have been changing over time due to technology and its effects. The article highlights ” frequent exposure by so-called digital natives to technology is actually wiring the brain in ways very different than in previous generations”(Taylor Dec 04 2012). Technology is weakening our brains because the brain doesn’t focus properly and cause children to just search online. This is a huge problem because it doesn’t let children think of their own ideas. There are both beneficial and harmful effects it has had and concludes how it is ultimately altering the way our children’s brains are being wired. Technology has been impacting our children, how they think and focus. In today’s modern day and age, technology plays a huge role in our daily lives through its detrimental outcomes and will continue to do so in the years to come. The future advancement will affect many aspects of our lives such as our social life and privacy, causing our children’s opinions to change. These three reasons are important to our daily lives and have been a great impact on our lives and future. The future has been impacting our current and future lives such as making sure our privacy is secure. Also, making sure our children don’t use a lot of technology at a very young age. Trying to have great communication skills and also social skills during work or during regular days. Therefore, technology may be beneficial but also have many harmful effects on our current and future lives.