In sports was created, being involved in the olympics

   In many types of sports Steroids are used by professional athletes, such as Tyson Gay, and Manny Ramirez. Steroids are used in many ways but mostly to increase muscle mass and strength. The main hormone in males bodies is testosterone, testosterone has two main effects on your body. “Anabolic” effects help muscle building and the other effect “Androgenic” is responsible for facial hair, and a lower voice. In sports athletes usually take testosterone to boost their performance of whatever they are doing. Frequently, the steroids that athletes use are modifications of testosterone to use for body building,, in a few cases athletes are fond of the aggressive rush of taking it. In the sports industry Performance enhancing drugs are illegal and there are consequences for geting caught using it Steroids start in Germany with experiments for German soldiers otherwise known as Nazi’s. A scientist named :”Arnold Adolph Berthold” extracted testosterone from the testicles of a test subject to use in other ways to improve their strength, This helped for manufacturing synthetic testosterone. Years later a German Chemist named Adolf Butenandt researched a way to pin-point and purify a hormone called “Androstenone” by extracting it from male urine, following him another German Chemist named Leopold Ruzicka researched and made it safe for people to use, the scientists responsible got a nobel prize for their work. This was a huge discovery and led to lots of improvements in the next seven years, through their techniques isolation and synthesizing became more advanced and the very first injections of propionate testosterone were given in 1937 to people in the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union were dominating in athletics Dr. John Ziegler, a Olympic U.S physician found a way to create methandrostenolone also called Dianabol. Ciba Pharmaceutical was the first to market Dianabol and later on in 1958 Dianabol was approved for use by the FDA. When the Americans found out about this they were using testosterone regularly and the age performance enhancing sports was created, being involved in the olympics and other big sports events. There are Pros and cons of using steroids in sports or just regularly. While these drugs are not allowed, people still use them for their good effects. Athletes use them as boosts to destroy your competition, they enlarge muscles and improve fat loss, making workouts more intense and adds muscle mass quickly, drastically improving their performance. Other positive ways steroids affect your body such as health benefits of reducing swelling of organs such as the kidney and muscle diseases such as muscular dystrophy. Steroids can improve bone density and can possibly be used for conditions such as osteoporosis. Other beneficial effects of steroids are mostly side effects by deepening your voice and increasing hair growth. The cons of taking steroids vary from body effects to psychological effects. Steroids have negative effects on our body such as your heart can become enlarged and can cause blood clots and strokes. Bad Acne, shrunken testicles, joint pain, and you can even grow breasts if the testosterone you take turns into oestrogen. Psychological effects include severe bouts of aggression, anger, rage, hallucinations, headaches, and vomiting. Steroids are illegal so you do not know what you are putting in your body. Overall the negative effects outweigh the good and the outcomes can be life threatening. Thank you for listening to my presentation!