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In the book, Anna of Byzantium by Tracy Barrett, Sophia displayed a loyal and brave characteristic. Being a minor character portraying as Anna’s maid in the book, Sophia has exhibited many loyal acts. On page 62, the first paragraph, when Anna had stolen the chalice from the church, Sophia secretly hid the chalice in her pocket so Irene Ducaena wouldn’t notice, preventing Anna to get caught and punished. Moreover, when Anna got caught for slipping in poison into John’s goblet, she blamed Sophia for getting caught. However, Anna realized afterward that Sophia stayed loyal to her and did not tell anyone. To me, when Sophia stayed loyal to Anna throughout the book, it helps the reader realize that people could trust Sophia with anything. Few people would risk their lives helping another person to hide an artifact that is so important if they got caught with it, they would be heavily punished. This proves that Sophia is a faithful character in the entire book. This proves that Sophia was a faithful character in the entire book. Sophia, the loyal servant, had a bold attitude in the book. Even when her family was separated from her during the raid, becoming a servant afterward, she still had an upbeat attitude. In the book, Anna asked Sophia about her family, and she replied, “Dead. Or sold into slavery, like me…Most of my village was killed. The man I was supposed to marry?I think I saw him being led off the day I was found in the woods”(63). Furthermore, she was brave enough to sneak out every month to meet her betrothed, Malik, even if she knew that the consequence was severe punishment. Clearly, these actions Sophia has shown in the book prove that she is a very courageous character. Since she was quite young, it was brave of her to not cry even when she got sold into slavery. As she was talking to Anna, she happily replied, not showing any distressed signs. In fact, hardly any kids would be that strong through a tough time.