In ruin your teeth permanently if you drink it

In the article, “Orange juice vs milk: Which is a better morning drink?” by TNN informs the audience on which drink, out of milk and orange juice, is the healthiest to have during breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The food or drink you consume recharges your body for upcoming day. It is very important that the good you are consuming is very nutritional, so that you get the proper amount of nutrients in your body. The two main drinks we consume during breakfast could be either milk or orange juice. Both of these drinks have many benefits and disadvantages to drinking them. For example, orange juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C that protects the body from things like air pollution. On the other hand, studies show that orange juice can ruin your teeth permanently if you drink it too much. Milk also is good for protein and calcium that promote a healthy active body. Milk has some negative sides to it because it has saturated fat and this can lead to cardiovascular disease. Overall, looking at all the factors of both drinks, Milk wins because it has calcium and it fills you up more than a glass of orange juice. When you drink a healthy protein it could help you overindulge less of the unhealthy snacks. I chose this article because I have been wondering about this question for a long time. I am also glad that I drink milk in the morning more than orange juice. Both of these drinks are the ones I drink the most in a day other than water. Many people should know this because if you drink a lot of milk or orange juice it is bad for you. Just because milk is better to drink doesn’t mean that is the only thing you should have during breakfast. Milk is the better choice and people should keep this in mind and spread the information. If people are drinking a lot of orange juice lately then they need to be cautious of the amount they consume. It could ruin their teeth. Last, knowing about the more healthier ways of eating is always the way to go.