In question whether our education system is working for

In this era the united states education system is no longer on the top of the world. With decreasing test results and very poor academic achievement by students, many people are starting to question whether our education system is working for their kids? On the other side european countries, their situation is completely different than ours. Kids in other countries have been achieving higher academic achievements, and they are at the top of everything in subjects such as math and science. On an international scale, the U.S academic system is inferior because we undervalue the importance of school and the lack of teacher involvement,  the U.S focuses on test results instead of the academic learning process.United states the land of opportunity where many people come to achieve their goals , which is known for its democratic society and mixture of other culture. People in united states like to live freely, to do anything they like to do without any restrictions. This belief by all people is reflected in the American educational system. In American schools. In the article of “American education system vs asian education system” by David Scott Clegg “teachers and students are at the same social level. Students are encouraged to share their own opinions and thoughts with the teachers. From the start, students in the American educational system have been told that they have the ability to be or achieve whatever they want in their life, but rarely have been told how they can achieve their goal”. Most students receive no pressure during school or at home, so whatever they do during school is completely based on their what they believe is right. If any student really wants to be successful they can put the work in and study hard and get into a good university. In European countries, the social standards and culture is completely different than America. In these countries their values are more based on their education and teamwork. Their social status in society is more based on the education they get or have have achieved. They start from the early beginning such as elementary school, they have been taught from early on that if you want to be successful and achieve your goals in life you need to have a good education.In the European education system, teachers rank students by their scores they get throughout the school year. Meaning if a student ranks pretty high on anything they are considered a good student and they will have a higher chance to get into a good university. If you end up doing poorly then you are considered a bad student it is a sign that you are not serious about your education. Parents put a lot of  pressures, In article “The World’s Best School System” by Heather Singmaster she says “When parents are involved in education, teens typically have higher grade point averages, higher test score on standardized and classroom assessments”. Parents make their kids compete hard with other kids in school. They have to study hours trying to get more points on a test so they can get a better grade. In school, parents try to stuff more knowledge into their kids so they can be better than other students. In all of their effort of putting education in high standards it’s no surprise that European  schools are ranked at the top of academic achievement. The advantages of having this kind of school system can provide the society year after year with quality personnel with the same academic standard and goals, most of these students are very creative in their own way.