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In the book, “Cry, the Beloved Country”, by Alan Paton, the reader follows the storyline with the efforts of the main character, Stephen Kumalo throughout the story. Although Kumalo first visits Johannesburg because of his sisters “disease”, the readers can interpret that family and faith are very important factors to Kumalo which later become the developing themes in the novel. Kumalo’s main focus throughout the story so far has been trying to discover where his son has been. He has many unanswered questions he needs justifications for.A major developing theme that the author introduces is the significance of family; this illustration is expressed to readers due to the many ways families are broken in Johannesburg. Not only families but “the tribe was broken, and the house broken, and the men broken.”(Paton, 22) This proves that Johannesburg did not have the qualities to impress the main character. As the story progresses readers can conclude that family has a high and valuable meaning to Kumalo as he takes on a long and strenuous journey to look for his only son and helps his sister. Even though he cares deeply about his family, “they go to Johannesburg, and there they are lost, and no one hears from them at all.”(Paton, 9) This proves that although Kumalo’s family do not show their affections, he is still willing to help with all his power. The cumulative effect of this, as Kumalo realizes, is that in villages such as Ixopo and the nation of South Africa compassion and kindness, in general, is some of the ways families will be reunited. It is also portrayed that many of his kindnesses are through his strong faith and due to him being a priest.During the first few chapters of the book, the care and affection Kumalo evokes show that although they might be going through hard times, like not knowing where his son is, his main goal is to pick up the pieces of his broken family. Paton advocates the idea that adhering to this simple sense of kindness is a partial solution to solving problems in their home country.