In much speculation, this topic has become a very

In this
modern era Social Media is becoming the mirror of someone on the internet.
Since early 2000 as the founding of Myspace the people is starting to be using
Social Media quite often but it is not 2010 that the Social Media becoming an
important in our generation, according to the number of people
using Social Media has rapidly increased from 0.97 B in 2010 into 2.46 B in
2017 and will be likely to increasing into 3.02 B in 2021. But do we really
need social media? Will our life damaged without the existence of Social Media?
Will there will be any needs for Social Media in the future? With much
speculation, this topic has become a very intriguing argument. What people must
know and understand is that Social Media is not important and we must have
focused more on our life rather than worrying about the society. People can
have a bigger chance in success in life with or without Social Media.

            The people whom using social media
these days are tends to be insecure and can be awkward in real life because
they spent time more in their phone rather living their life. While Social
Media meant to help people expressing their self it also makes people to be
more depending on the Social Media, as I quote per “The amount of time people spend on
social media is constantly increasing. Teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms, while 30% of all time spent online is now allocated to social media
interaction”. if
we can see from the statistic we can conclude that Teens nowadays is becoming
very addicted and depending on the existence of Social Media. What is the
reason that teenagers are very depending towards it? it is Peer Pressure. Peer
Pressure is a term that describe an environmental influence towards one person
and in this case, the person is all teenagers. Peer Pressure is a serious
problem that people simply outlook because it is not easy to detect the Peer
Pressure and even if we can detect it helping the person that is dealing it is
even harder, although Social Media purpose is to help people expressing
themselves but in reality people whom are going to express it tends to get a
negative feedback or even pressured because people measured the excellence of
one post based on the likes and comment.

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the subject continues to be looked out people realized that social media is
becoming part of someone life. Since the founding of Instagram and Snapchat
teenagers becoming even more addicted towards Social Media, but not only
because people are narcist but because of their “Friends” whom are putting
pressure on the teenager that makes them see that Social Media is more
important than themselves in real life that caused the person to go on an extra
mile just to look good in social media and sometimes even to spent money on
making their Social Media looks famous like buying followers and likes. And the
scariest fact is that people nowadays judge the other person not from their
real life but from the Social Media, so people who are not using it will likely
have no friends and also seen as an Anti-Social person while they might just is
not interested in using it as they might have seen it as something less
important, but as the Society forced the person to use Social Media they will
likely be powerless because the other 94% teenagers used Social Media. While
they try to improve their Social Media life they are forgetting something
important which is to improve their real life.

we look at some of the factors that is increasing the influence of the Social
Media itself will be mostly from the environment and our lifestyle, As the
current adult lifestyle tends to be working can also affect their children
because the lack of attention makes their children seeks attention whether it
is good or bad as a way to fill their void in their parent absence and by the
existence of Social Media their children cannot tell the difference between
good influence or a bad one caused them to seek resort towards the bad one as
that way gives way much more attention they desperately needs. Teenagers these
days tends to think that by Bullying or by abusing the less powerful peers they
will be looking cool, and it is the Society that provide the food for thought
towards these teenagers. Unsupportive parent will only look at the problem from
the surface and instead of giving a support towards their children they will
blame their children even further which will cause even more negative reaction
on their children and all the anger they accumulate from their environment will
be resorted in their Social Media which can be in a form of Cyber Bullying,
Internet Trolling and other negative activity that can corrupt the Social Media
even further. As we all can see nowadays people using Social Media to express
their hatred instead of the positivity that this society desperately need.  As I quoted from Article “7 Negative Effect On Social Media”, “An HP Lab’s computer
scientists study revealed that more users are influenced to change their way of
thinking based on the majority rule – their online circle. Peer pressure
continues to be an influence on a lot of users, this is a negative trait that
disallows a person’s own idea or implement of thought, as they fear criticism,
their self-esteem is lowered.”

we do not take this matter seriously then there is a likely chance that our
world that we know would be gone because of our future generation is too busy
improving their Instagram and Snapchat rather than improving their quality as a
person. Our future as a society is what can be reflected from the development
of our future generation. For this reason I personally think that Social Media
have to be more responsible of not to be a weapon that can backbite our future.