In look at the uniqueness of each religion and

In the school year 2014 to 2015, when I was taking
World History 1 as a 9th grader, I was taught about different
religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and a little bit of Taoism. In
that class we didn’t go in-depth about all these religions rather we were
taught the brief segments about the religion’s beliefs. Which didn’t make me as
curious about learning other religions and their cultures. Though in my senior
year of high school, I was enlightened by this course called IB World Religion
that was provided in our school for the first time. This course was mainly
about religions and their fundamental beliefs. Which helped me to be more
curious about how similar/different each religion can be. Every religion has
some uniqueness to it. This class helped me to take a better look at the
uniqueness of each religion and that’s how I came across with my topic, Taoism.
About Taoism, we learned the idea of Yan and Yang, and that there needs to be a
balance. This was so absorbing that I couldn’t help exploring more about it.
Therefore, I will be focusing on what is the importance of introspection in
Taoism? The concept of introspection struck me as relevant due to the evident
and necessary balance in Taoism between the mind and body and how this harmony
is achieved. As a hopeful future psychologist, the importance of introspection
in a general lifestyle appealed to my senses of reason as well, and I thought
of it to be more applied religion in which one’s Self is so fundamental.

choosing the subject of study) I referenced the aforementioned books, knowing
fully the weight of my inquiry and looking to discover of what points in each
book I would be able to draw from. I found myself highlighting many seemingly
complex concepts. Next, I used these books’ ideas to formulate specific
questions to be answered in a later interview that would help me to be more
detailed in my investigation.

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I cross-referenced my understanding of the book sources with a helpful and
reliable internet source: http://www.religioustolerance.orgltaoism.htm.This
allowed me to discover that my reason for interest in the connection between
introspection and the Taoist philosophies were tied in more than just my mind.
My assumptions were confirmed when I ascertained that Taoism began as not a
faith but as a combination of psychology and philosophy

B: Plan for

I prepare to enlighten myself as to what the importance of introspection in
Taoism, my intent is to exhibit the ways in which concepts involved in
introspection as well as Taoism are connected and to identify the importance of
this correlation. Within the Summary of Significant Findings, I will explain
the fundamentals of Taoism as I have come to understand them through my
research. Here I will also discuss information brought to light in my interview
with a person rooted in eastern religions, a local Tai Chi instructor. In the
Critical Reflection and Evaluation, I will interpret various theories brought
to my attention through the reading of various sources and recognition of
ideations that are relevant to what is found in my research. I will also analyze
the relevance of my experience with one or more practices of an eastern
exercise in balancing the mind and body, specifically Tai Chi and/or yoga
classes and meditation based upon common ideals shared among Taoists. By
connecting my research to my experience, I will be able to articulately express
the link between introspection and Taoism.

Summary of significant findings