In its dramatic achievement aroused my genuine interest and

In this ever changing world of
Engineering and Technology, where innovation becomes obsolete with every
passing day, I
want to keep pace with the new concepts and trends that emerge with the blink
of an eye. This has prompted me to continue my
academic pursuit thereby attaining the highest level of education. The Master’s Program in Internetworking at Dalhousie University, besides providing
expertise in my area of interest, will also lay the foundation for my short
term and long term goals.

resolute intention for future is to become an expert in the field of Networking.
I have always cherished a dream to become a Networker and this eventually
became my ambition. Since childhood, I have always had a fascination towards
the internet and its applications. The marvel of
its dramatic achievement aroused my genuine interest and inspired me to
explore its essence.
 Besides, my science teacher at school,
Mr.Narayanan, has always been a great source of inspiration to me. He
encouraged me to choose a field of study, which would keep me up-to-date of the
day-to-day innovations in computer technology. Therefore, Engineering with
Information Technology as my major was the first choice for my undergraduate
studies and I completed the same at Kongu Engineering College, a renowned college
in Tamil Nadu, India, with the medium of instruction being English.

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college provided me a very congenial atmosphere where I received the best
possible undergraduate education and a comprehensive exposure to various core
areas available in Information Technology and acquired a strong background in
the basic fundamentals of networking like Cellular and Mobile Networks,
Advanced Computer Networks, Ad-hoc Networks, Routing Algorithms, etc. My strong
academic knowledge helped me to get recruited by Aon Hewitt and I am currently
working for the same, designated as a Network Administrator. I aspect my
excellent grades to my diligence and motivation in the university.

In the
Science Fair, held during my second year in the college, I did a project named
‘Wireless Intercom System’, a system based on sensor networks, which was
greatly appreciated by my college faculty members, students and others. In my
final year, I formulated a new multipath multicast routing algorithm for the
specific use by ad-hoc networks. I carried out the simulations using Network
Simulator-2 software and the results were found to be efficient when compared
with the existing system. The simulation project was presented at a National
Level Technical Symposium held at Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India,
and received  an overwhelming response
from the faculty members.

I have
indulged myself in both extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to bring
out my innovative and leadership skills. 
I have participated in number of events like Innovatia, Spark-up
Innovation, etc. held at various colleges and bagged many prizes. I was an
executive member of IEEE Student Branch of our college for the academic years
2011-2013 and acquired enough confidence and inspiration to fulfill my
responsibilities. It was during that period, our college received the overall
Best IEEE Student Branch Award in our zone.

I believe that studying the
course of my own interest, I will acquire the skills to achieve my goals and
develop a successful career in this field. After completing my master’s degree,
I plan to work for a multinational company, and eventually become a leading Network
Architect, creating and designing innovative products that can reach people all
over the world at the best service. Therefore,
I have made the decision to apply for Master’s
Degree at Dalhousie University. I eagerly look forward to be a part of the post
graduate program.