In foreign places will allow the two to move

In real life, along with the one-way development of rational thinking, there is often restraint on artistic thought. Picasso once made such a sigh: “When I was very young, I painted like Rafael, but I wanted to paint all my life like a child.” Why is that? The reason is simple: Art is the product of the artist’s emotional majesty, a product that experience empties through intuition. This kind of process, to the younger children, is more and more a natural state of existence, but to adults, it is the state that needs to continually break the bond to return.Artistic thinking is like a “chaotic” overpass, which establishes an irrational connection between all things. In particular, many things that can be perceived profoundly but without power can be used in an instant. Many outstanding scientists at all times and in all countries, often quite artistic accomplishments. For example, Einstein’s obsession with music and literature has long been a popular story. Zhu Kezhen, Su Buqing, Li Siguang, Gao Shizheng and Li Zhengdao also all have profound artistic accomplishments. No wonder American Art Doctorate Betty Advah calls: “Everyone should think like an artist!”There is no doubt that the combination of science and art and the common development of both domestic and foreign places will allow the two to move forward from the poles to the middle and eventually converge and balance in order to be the ideal model of thinking in order to have a complete understanding of the world. Professor Li Zhengdao, a famous physicist and Nobel laureate, therefore emphasized that “art and science are two sides of a coin and are inseparable.” In 1987, Science and Technology Daily published Qian Xuesen, Qian Sanqiang and Qian Wei Long, Su Buqing nearly 30 famous scientists talked about literary articles; all show that their artistic life has dramatically enriched their scientific imagination.All in all, art education plays an irreplaceable and vital role in the process of human development and social progress. Plato even has the view that art should become the foundation of knowledge. It can be said that paying no attention to moral education and harming the ethical standards of a generation does not attach importance to intellectual education and harms the cognition of a generation. It does not attach importance to sports and damages the health of a generation. Is an age of people’s spiritual world, undermining the spirit, imagination, and creativity of a nation.