IN Ford Company well defined in his value-based leadership




Q:     Describe and evaluate what Alan Mulally did at Ford Motor Company.

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1.    Alan Mulally did was he fashioned a strategic effort dubbed as One Ford, One Team, One Plan, One Goal through a comprehensive plan that addressed the seven areas of strategic changes that focuses on bold leadership, customer focus, strong brands, bold, innovative products, great quality and clear pricing, and competitive cost and capacity, in addition to his four key priorities of aggressively restructure the company to operate profitably at the current real demand and changing model mix, accelerating product development with new products that customers really want and value while achieving manufacturing excellence by reducing complexity and improving quality, obtain financing and improve balance sheet and working together with accountability with all its partners, all these were done by Ford CEO Alan Mulally to focus on strengthening its products line in order for then to achieve profitability in the highly competitive global auto industry when he keeps returning the founding values of Ford Company well defined in his value-based leadership king of management when he took over the company.


Q.     What structural implications arise from Mulally’s description of Ford being world-



2.    The structural implication of Ford company that arises from Alan Mulally leadership was that of being in One Team, One Plan and One Goal means a lot as the company achieves global prominence through its own choice of management. Also pursuing Ford’s vision of One Ford, One Team, One Plan, One Goal has an implication that remaining in unity and uniformity at some point or another in very much flexible manner is a great help to Ford company survive in the fierce competition in the global market of the car industry. as such, these implications embody Ford’s strategy of returning Ford to its status as a leader in the global auto industry when the company designed and engineered Ford Focus the first ever global car for its customers, where this expressed Alan Mulally’s hope of a rolling blueprint for generations of Ford cars to come.


Q.     What type of adaptive organizational designs discussed in this chapter might be

needed as Ford continues to pursue its vision of One Ford…One Team…One Plan…One Goal? For each design that you think is appropriate, describe what is and how the company might use it.


3.    As Ford Company continues to pursue its vision of One Ford…One Team…One Plan…One Goal, there are so many adaptive organizational designs that might be needed by the company, some of them are the team structure, wherein the entire individual in the working force is teamed to work as one. This structure design helps to empower the employees to be more involved in the entire project and this helps reduce the various barriers in the functional system of the whole company, thus it will lead to teamwork, the unity of workforce and uniformity of quality produced. In addition, matrix-project structure, learning structure, and the boundary less organizational structure, wherein these structure designs will a he helps for Ford company to accelerate in the global market as it continues to improve its quality and discover new innovation that will best suits the global market trends, for matrix-project structure design is best in assigning specialist from different functional areas to work on certain projects who then return to their specific work areas when the said project completed, as such that this design is good for fast decision making and is very much flexible in responding to environmental changes. Also learning structure and boundary-less organizational structure are also best suited for the Ford Company since Ford is continuously achieving profitable growth while making out the best use of its human resources because, in learning and boundary-less structure, employees are continually acquiring knowledge in order for it to be well shared and apply for the best of the company’s growth and development, and this is very much sustainable for some competitive advantages in the car market industry and Ford company’s relations.


Q.     What does this case story tell you about how a company’s vision and plan affect

it’s structure?


4.    Every vision is essential for one’s company or organization because every vision is a powerful tool to inspire and motivate every individual working in the organization. Such that vision and plans are very much essential and should complement to the company’s structure for it to be sustainable and be flexible to every global innovation for it to be competitive enough to the global market. Hence, every structure should always adapt to the company’s plans and likewise should always be parallel to the company’s visions and goals because for Ford Company the Visions, Plans, and Goals of CEO, Alan Mulally, is their ultimate power that propels them to focus and be highly competitive in the global auto industry while maintaining manufacturing excellence, reducing complexity and improving quality.