In and appreciating the value of a focused team.

In the present globalized and competitive world, the managerial skills are statutory and inherent after reaching a certain position in the hierarchy of any company irrespective of the field. I believe in order to understand the business ecosystem better and to handle the problems effectively, pursuing MBA to acquire managerial skills is imperative.

Four years back when I stepped into NIT Tiruchirappalli, it introduced me to the rich diversity of our country which every Indian proud of. During college days I got an opportunity to interact with students from diversified backgrounds and from different states that taught me some important life skills such as team work, respecting various viewpoints, how to maintain healthy competition and leadership skills. I have been a member of Core organizing team of NIT Trichy technical fest, Pragyan that helped me to understand the importance of coordinated work in achieving success and appreciating the value of a focused team.

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Being a student of Production engineering helped me to understand various manufacturing processes in detail and basics for designing a new product with help of some soft tools like CAD. Lean and sustainable manufacturing are areas which I found interesting due to their necessity of practicing them in every company. In the inaugural session of Production engineering department in my first year, Our HOD who first imprinted in my mind the necessity of MBA to complement skills acquired as an undergraduate in Production engineering. After interacting with senior professors and peer group, I strongly felt that pursuing MBA besides my undergraduate programme is necessary to achieve my career goals. It is because any key decisions regarding the business model of a product or manufacturing process require business related skills along with a better .The courses that I completed thus far in my undergraduate programme provided me with a comprehensive background in MBA with the curriculum consisting courses such as Operation research, Quality assurance, Supply chain management, and Entrepreneurship development.

My long-term goal is to actively involve in a high-level decision making with other top executives to plan strategies and accomplish the objectives of the company. I plan to achieve that position after acquiring the necessary tools and experience required to manage a top company by completing my MBA, starting as operations/sales&marketing manager and working my way up. In the future, as my career as manager has unfolded, I want to be able to look back to twenty years and see how I have been a significant part of growth story of the company which I worked. Ten years down the line, I see myself as a top-level manager, contributing my knowledge and skills to add value to the company. With an inquisitive and explorative mind, an MBA will allow me to study courses in detail and develop the insight and skill set required to pursue my long-term goals.

My education and experience had provided me with a drive to achieve my career goals and passion for the field coupled with diligence and hard work. My strongest belief is that accurate self-assessment will help  to achieve any goal. The PGP in MBA offered by your institution will undoubtedly provide me with the requisite skills to pursue my dream. The opportunity to learn from renowned faculty members would be enriching and intellectual in nature. I genuinely hope that the Institution sees my confidence in my abilities and displays faith in my aspirations to be part of prestigious institute IIM Bangalore.