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In 1764 Great Britain introduced the Sugar Act to the colonists. The Sugar Act was were Great Britain was in great debt. Because they owned the colonies, they had the colonists help pay with the debt. They did this by raising taxes. Before the Revolutionary War, Great Britain was in war. This war was called the “French, Indian War.” This War lasted from 1756 to 1763. This war had costed Great Britain a lot of money. Great Britain was in debt. Great Britain thought they had the rights to raise the taxes. So, Great Britain raised the taxes on all goods.The colonist were not very pleased. They were very upset with Great Britain, but they were more upset with King George |||. The colonists were upset on how Great Britain had raised taxes without their consent. Colonists were also upset on how they were not allowed to send in a representative to the parliament to speak. The colonist also boycotted and did not but British goods.There were a few things that were taxed. Any good coming from out of the country were taxed. If the colonist bought a pound of sugar, they were taxed. It was like this for any imported good, such as molasses, paper, glass, lead paint, and tea was all taxed.Originally the Sugar Act was the Molasses Act. The Molasses Act was set to expire in 1763. The Molasses Act did not tax as much products. The Molasses Act taxed molasses, sugar, and rum from other non-British countries. The object of this act was to protect the British suppliers. The British were afraid that the colonist would buy from a cheaper country Such as Spain and French. But this also curtailed the French, American trade.The sugar act may not have been fair for the colonist, but it was plenty fair for Great Britain. If this event did not happen we might have not have our Revolutionary War, and have the chance to fight, and break free from Great Britain. The sugar act was a huge part of taxation without representation. Which was a major part of the of the war. Without this they may not have been encouraged to fight the Revolution.