In a rapidly changing world, people need everything to

In a rapidly changing world,
people need everything to use them automatically. Our lifestyle needs everything
is remotely controlled. Apart from a few things, a man made his life automatic.
In the world of progress in electronics, human life should be simple. So, to
make life easier and easier, we have created an “automated hydraulic
system”. Model for monitoring irrigation equipment help millions. This
model uses a sensor technology with a microcontroller to do intelligent smart device.

The increasing demand for
food requires fast growth in food production technology. In a country like
India, the economy is based on agriculture and weather conditions we can not
use agricultural resources. The main reason is lack rain and groundwater shortage.
Irrigation is always an ancient practice that has evolved over many years. Our
ancestors in watering their farms have sought different ways. Own irrigation using
containers and shelves irrigation, flood irrigation, water drainage, irrigation
system and the remainder which is used today. Existing systems are very
limited. Soil nutrient extraction, erosion due floods, loss of water from the
soil by evaporation, loss of water, which can lead to water drought and poor
crop production. This issue can be removed if we use it the microprocessor by
irrigation system will only be carried out when available to be a serious need
for water.

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Irrigation system automation refers to
unnecessary system operation or minimum manual interventions. The irrigation
system is correct when large irrigation areas are subdivided into small
sections irrigation blocks and segments are irrigated in order to match the availability
of available water source. In this sense, the work we have studied describes a
variety of different types of irrigation technically, how they really served
purpose and major differences between our projects and those books we predict.