In 83 stones in total. Most were large stones,

In england many culture icons lay. One lies Between two cities. A burial ground  for the bulky and mighty men women and children of  whales. Festivals of  mid summer and winter held in the sacred meeting place. Rituals, meeting, all once found the sacred meanings of the land . But now is used for tours? Today the center of attention is some pretty special rocks- the stonehenge.             The stones have a big range of texture. The inner facing rocks are more smooth than the outer facing rocks. The cause of smoother rocks was from the visitors rubbing the rock in  the late 1800 early 1900.  All the stones feel a little weak at the touch according to history smithsonian.   The rocks are so fragile from all the work and re-erecting they have done to the stone circle.  Along with the textures they used  couple different stones like the so called blue stones. They are arranged in the inner ring of the stone circle. They are very smoothed and oval shaped rocks. .many more rocks existed but there’s one in particular that has a really spine chilling tale of mystery. There is a myth that the devil placed the stones, and the story reflects that, and this is the tale. The devil had found a lady he liked in ireland, so the devil decided to rap up some rocks(the heel stones) and take them to her. On his way he dropped a couple stones at the stonehenge. The stones still stand, but the story is yet a theory. They call it a heelstone cause it is shaped like a heel of a foot. I know, exiting. But it gets better, their was 83 stones in total. Most were large stones, and back in the day was called large sarsans. They all weighed about 5 tons each.many gaps have been acquired over time. They have about 15 different gaps, when they only started with 2 given entrances.  Next let’s talk about something outside of the stones. It is called the Aubrey holes. It is a big ring where they buried the men, women, and children of the stonehenge. The holes are each 3ft 3in apart. The aubrey holes are used for burying people, some might call it the ring of the dead. They would put animal bones all around the graves. The holes were named after John Aubrey, a 17th century antiquarian, who claimed he discovered the Aubrey holes.                      These are the aubrey holes and the stone henge The stones are very fragile like i said,but the stones we see today are not the original stones. They have been re-erected over 30 times by about 10 people. The stones (like i said) was 5 tons so moving the stones must have been a challenge. So the theories are that the devil placed all the stones (hence the devil fable). But realistically, they most likely used a pulley. Many people dig at the site of the stones to find a new discovery as other reasherers would. But the result of the digging resorts to them using more money.  Some say it was all architects and  engineers, but to your suprise  astronomers where included in the