Immediately breed took charge of us and other teams.

Immediately with me being leader, tone of the whole  team improved we were making record runs. No sooner after are record runs, a scotch half breed took charge of us and other teams. He started us back over trails to Dawson. We were hauling heavy loads each day, for what was called the mail train. I did not like this but I worked hard, I felt pride for myself and my mates. But with the loads so heavy, we all began to feel tired and worn, muscles ached. On one long trip and after traveling over eighteen hundred miles our strength went down. Dave suffered the most being irritable, he would cry out in pain, would make his nest and not get up until the following morning. Yet no one could find anything wrong with him. As we reached Cassiar Bar Dave was so week he could stand, and took him out of the team placing Sol=leks in Dave’s spot. This was to let him rest, but Dave did not want to be replaced and snapped at Sol=leks, his pride had been stepped on. They left Sol-leks in Dave’s spot regardless, and we were on our way with him running beside until he fell and lay there yelping in pain. They put him back into the straps, but many times he fell and was tragged. They made camp, Dave was to weak to travel the next day, although he tried to join his mates. He was shot by the driver. At the end of this journey we were all so exhausted, some of the team had suffered from pulled muscles, and some with foot soars. Not long after, and before we could rest up we were all sold to a group of American gold hunters, Hal, Charles and Mercedes. Our new masters were inexperienced and out of place in the wilderness. They would overload the sleigh with items not necessary, they beat us because we could not move the sled, we were still very tired, and it was so heavy. Even though they took some of the weight off, it was still so heavy, until the owners added more dogs, then we were able to move the sled.  Our owners start bickering with each other and we were running out of food for me and my teammates. We were starving, and the weaker of the team begin to die. Of our original team of fourteen, five of us survived as we limp into John Thornton’s camp, not the destination of which we were trying to reach. We all dropped once in Thorton’s camp, all so exhausted, even Mercedes and Charles, but Hal went to speak with Thornton, after a few minutes of talking Thornton warns Hal of the rotten ice and not to continue on for the possibility of the bottom dropping out.  Hal decided to go on, and started to yelling orders to us, and cracking his whip. We did not budge, he cracked his whip several times, others got to their feet, but I did not. I could’nt and would not, I was in pain and tired. Hal continued to hit me with the whip, it came to a point where I no longer felt the pain from the blows that Hal gave me. Thornton was watching what was happening, at first he did nothing, but then Thornton stepped up and stopped Hal from beating me anymore, standing between me and Hal. After a few minutes of confrontation Thornton bent down and cut my straps. Hal, Charles and Mercedes  and my mates pulled out, Thornton and I watched them go down the trail when suddenly they disappeared. The bottom had dropped out of the trail. I have a new master, his name is Thornton, and my devotion to him is total! For the next few days and months we built a relationship of trust and loyalty. I trusted Thornton he had saved my life.  One day John (Thornton), his friends and I went down to the river which was extremely rough rapids that day. They were lining a poling boat down a bad stretch of the rapids, when John being on the boat hit some rocks and fell into the rapids. I jumped into the rapids to save my master, but they were too strong, and once again my master was swept down the rapids. Pete and Hans, pulled me out of the water and began pouncing on me putting breath in me and water out.  I sprang up when I heard my masters voice, Pete and Hans attached a rope on me, I jumped in the water again, again I was pulled out by Pete and Hans because I did not go straight, once again I tried, this time I went straight, reaching my  master and we were able to be pulled back to shore. I broke 3 ribs saving my master.   After several weeks allowing me to heal we tripped into Virginia East, where a conversation regarding myself due to my record came about at the El Dorado Saloon with my master and a few other men. The men including my master were bragging about their dogs, when a wager was made between my master and Matthewson on whether or not I could pull a thousand pound load. A wager of $1600!  I pulled it after several attempts going right, then left.  My master was very pleased, we traveled to the deep Canadian forest in search for a lost mine.  All the time I am having mixed feelings for my love for Thornton, and my growing calling to the wild.  While Thornton and his friends search for Gold, I range far away, befriending a wolf, and other animals.  I always come back to Thornton, but one day, after being gone for more than a couple of days, I return but I find Yeehat Indians have attacked and killed my master and his friends. I attacked the Indians, killing several and scattering the rest. My master is dead, I went back to the wilderness.  I became the leader of a pack of wolves, and a legendary figure, I fathered many pups, and I inspire fear into the Yeehats.  I still visit the area where my master was killed and I mourn him, then I return to the wild my new life, my new home.