Imagine and speaking are not the only aspects to

Imagine being able to share stress from the amount of workload with others rather than fussing alone. That is one of the benefits of working in a group although everyone is different, many cherish their personal space and others don’t mind giving some time to others. Working in a group does not necessarily mean getting the task done faster but it also increases productivity and performance along with helping with skill development.  To begin with, teamwork increases productivity and performance which are lifelong skills that can be applied in almost anything. When working in a group, there is a broad range of ideas coming someone’s way. When working individually one might not be open to as many ideas. I’m aware that when working by myself I stare blankly at the task not knowing where or how to start. Also when completing group work, there are not only two hands available but now there are multiple. This means that one member can focus on a certain aspect while the next person is handling or touching up a different part. In order to achieve all these task, one must be effective in selecting the appropriate people to work with. Everyone needs to be understanding and flexible of others’ work strategies and open to compromise.  Next, teamwork helps enhance in skill development such as communication. It may be obvious but in order to work with others, one needs to apply their interpersonal skills such as listening and speaking. When someone is put to interact with others, they’re forced to use these abilities. Not only are the skills useful in a group setting but they also come handy with everyday life. An example would be a class debate in order to be heard, the person needs to have a firm voice and a strong argument and to achieve that,  they need to develop these communication skills. Listening and speaking are not the only aspects to communication but team working skills also include leadership as well as motivating the ones surrounding a person. These abilities will be useful in one’s academic career and noticed by employers.In conclusion, working with others increase productivity and helps develop communication skills, These outcomes not only help when working together but they’re something that lives with a person. It doesn’t just teach to be social but also how to apply those social skills properly.