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 IGN (In Game Name): CNTowerAge: 13Timezone: ESTCountry:CanadaDo you have a good quality mic?: YesDo you have Telegram & Teamspeak?: Yes, I have both.How many hours can you put in the server per week:  Monday –  4pm-10pmTuesday – 4pm-10pmWednesday – 4pm-10pmThursday – 4pm- 10pmFriday – 4pm- 1amSaturday – 7am-1am Sunday -7am- 10Any previous punishments on FenixMC?: No.Any past experiences in being a staff member:Yes I have. VexirAverage Players: 70-80Demoted/Resigned: DemotedPosition: T-ModKoonKraftAverage Players: 150-200Demoted/Resigned: ResignedPosition: T-ModPodMCAverage Players: 50-60Demoted/Resigned: Server shutdownPosition: Admin/ OPNinjaMCAverage Players: 20-25Demoted/Resigned: Server shutdownPosition: AdminShockHQAverage 20-25Demoted/Resigned: Server shutdown.Position: T-Mod(Kappios knows I was staff on ShockHQ, when he was media owner)Have you been in trouble before, and if so why?No.Why do you want to become staff?:I feel that I should be accepted as staff due to my amazing knowledge in working with servers, and all my variety of skills, such as responsibility, kindness, communication and my experience whilst also being a mature person. I’m very honest, general and I feel that makes a good staff member. I’ve worked with servers that have decent player bases which makes me a great fit for the staff team, due to the server’s current amazing player base. I can also try to make the server cleaner, less toxic by helping remove cheaters: and assist other staff members with what they need, whilst also helping players. I feel that FenixMC would really benefit, by having me on the staff team, due to all of the skills, etc.That I can use and put into action to their best potential due to how I have to represent FenixMC. I also do not consider myself to be a toxic person, or bad. Which also makes me very unique and good to be on the staff team if accepted. I will always get evidence, to prove players wrong if they say they were falsely removed from the network.I also love the community of FenixMC and feel that I could be a large help to the staff team, by assisting in all ways that I can possibly help other players, staff members. And everybody who is on the network, or in the Teamspeak. I’ll help any player to the extent they need help at.I feel that it’s going to be very fun for myself being a staff member, playing on the server. I love working with KitPvP and HCF servers, as it’s my favourite gamemode and I always play it. I’m very experienced and love working with servers.FenixMC has a lot of potential and a big player base, and a nice community at the moment, and I feel like working for staff, is going to be a great time for me, and I’d love to make new friends that are on the staff team, and also learn brand new skills in working with servers (Screensharing) and I’d also like to develop some of my skills.Why should we accept you as staff?: I think I should be accepted, because I have the knowledge of being a staff member and also I have been staff on many servers and some people haven’t. I also know many commands and when to use them. These are some cases I’ll ban/mute someone.Cheater » If I find somebody who is cheating, by using a client to affect their gameplay then I would record the type of hack, and then I would ban the player for the appropriate timespan.Suspected Closet Cheater » If I suspected a player of using a cheat that is meant to give them an advantage, but not something such as (Speed, KillAura, NoFall, No Slowdown) then I would move onto screensharing the player. I would probably record the screenshare for extra proof and if found cheating ban the player.DDoS Threats » If somebody threatened somebody to attack their internet, by DDosing the internet to make them not be able to play. If they were a player on the FenixMC network and I had evidence I would report the incident to a higher up staff member to get them potentially blacklisted.YouTuber Cheating » If I suspect a youtuber of cheating, I’d pull them into Discord with higher staff’s permission (if online) and I would screenshare the youtuber. If cheats are found: I would ban the youtuber for the appropriate time not being bias as that is not fair.Advertising » If somebody advertised something other than FenixMC network product on FenixMC or anything that is meant to be related to FenixMC, I would potentially ban the player, or mute them depending on the severity of the player’s actions.Disrespecting Staff » If somebody disrespected a staff member, I would mute the player for the correct timespan appropriate for the specific offence.Racism » If somebody was racist in the chat, they would be punished using the correct offense, a mute or a temporary ban on the server, depending on their number of offences the player has committed on the server, and also the timespan.Spam » If somebody was spamming the chat, and didn’t get auto-muted I would mute the player for the correct timespan for the offense that the player committed.Threateners » If anybody threatened a player on the network, and has evidence what was threatened e.g DDOS, Dox. I would screenshare the player or get a higher up staff member to screenshare the player for a booter. As I would only be helper, and I’m not meant to be handling blacklists.Additional Information:No.Hey guys CNTower here, thank you so much for reading my staff application and I hope you guys licked it. If you guys got in questions or concerns please dm me and I’ll reply ASAP. If anybody has feedback feel free to comment. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day!