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If you are looking for a quick fix to satisfy your hunger and you also do not have time then you have come to the right place. People underestimate the importance of breakfast because they are too lazy to make it themselves or they do not have enough time to spend on making a healthy breakfast. So, here we are, offering you a perfect and healthy solution. We are grateful for the unique flavor and texture of the Oreo cookies. These cookies can be used to make perfect desserts, breakfast, snacks for not just the children but also adults as well. We can make innovative recipes using these cookies. Ingredients  You need only a few of the ingredients to make a milkshake. It is very easy to make even if you do not have the blender because you might not have the blender around all the time. You just need to have these ingredients and then we will lead you through few easy steps. 500 ml of cold milk15oreo cookies 1 cup vanilla ice creamWhipped cream (optional)Steps to follow to Make an Oreo Milkshake Without a BlenderOnce you have gathered the ingredients, all you need to do is to follow these simple and easy steps as they are. Before you know it, your shake will be all ready for you to enjoy and savor every bit of it. It will only take 15-30 minutes to make this recipe. We assure you, you will enjoy every step of it and you will realize that it was completely worth your time.1. Use all the Ingredients ImmediatelyIf you are making the Oreo milkshake without the blender then you will have to keep all the ingredients ready to use immediately. Milk should be very cold and if it suits you then you can out the Oreo cookies in the refrigerator for an hour so they are cold too. If you are not using the blender, then you will be needing an electric or hand whip, but the electric version will give you the better results as compared to the hand whip. 2. Crush the Oreo Cookies with handsNow you have to crush the Oreo cookies with hands because that will make them easier to blend if you do not have the blender or you are not using the blender. Now you have to move them to the deep container. Now you to crush them further so that they are evenly crumbled and there are no big bits left of the Oreo cookies. 3. pour milk and Vanilla Ice CreamNow you have to pour almost half of the milk in the container for the Oreo cookies to soften. Then start beating at medium speed with a whisk and then gradually pour the rest of the milk that is left. Add vanilla ice cream later on and keep on beating. 4. Make a Mixture of a Creamier MilkNow all you have to do it keep beating until all the ingredients are properly mixed together and as a result, the mixture has appeared like a creamier milk. Now taste it. If you want then add more Oreo cookies or milk according to your taste depending on the amount of liquid you like. 5. Serve it as You likeWhen the milkshake is ready, then you can serve it in various styles. You can serve it in a glass, as you can add whipped cream to it and place an Oreo cookie on the top and sprinkle the Oreo cookies on this glass. This will make it a fancy look. No one will come to guess how easy it was to make. Now you have made the Oreo milkshake without the blender. It turns out that you can make it anywhere you want and whenever you want even without the need of a blender. It is very tasty and you can enjoy it yourself or serve it to others. This milkshake will make you all the more favorite of people. If you want to learn easy 2 minutes recipes go to tapedaily’s food blog and learn about yummy food.