I with struggles along the way. Misty’s family was

I read Life in Motion an Unlikely Ballerina by Misty Copeland with Brandy Colbert.  This book has one hundred eighty four pages and was published by ALADDIN Simon and Schuster.  This book is about Misty Copeland’s life. She began ballet at age 13. From there, she became the first female African American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre. I selected this book because I have been taking ballet since age 3. I would love to excel like she did. I was also curious how long it to accomplish what she did.  She wrote this book to show that your dreams could come true even with struggles along the way. Misty’s family was poor and she had to leave them and move across the country to continue her dream. She spent 8 or 10 hours daily to practice ballet. Still it took many years to get to the top. She had to deal with racial discrimination and it forced her to keep going “For the little brown girls”.In Chapter 4 her ballet teacher at the Boys and Girls Club said she had the perfect ballerina body and she felt Misty had great potential. I found this chapter/event interesting because she started ballet very late at age 13 and was better than everyone else in her class. In Chapter 21 Prince asked Misty to be in his music video Crimson and Clover.I found this chapter/event interesting because Prince was very famous and while the concert was happening she made her dance moves up along the way. In Chapter 23 she found out she was to dance the principal role in Firebird at ABT.I found this chapter/event interesting because at this point her leg was hurting really bad and probably needed surgery but she performed anyway. She did a really fabulous job.  I learned that being a ballerina is hard on your body and you might have to get surgeries along the way. I also learned if you be the best you could be some people will still criticize you.If i met this author I would tell her I thought it was really nice how she included pictures in her book of her family and her dancing along the way.The book was also very easy to read and very encouraging for girls.I would recommend this book to anyone who dances or is into ballet.