I unbreakable bond between new parents and their babies.

I am sure that many of us have heard the cliche phrase that “dogs are man’s best friend”. Psychologically, it makes sense, because dogs are social animals, like us. Neither can thrive when alone, and both benefit mentally and physically from such an inseparable bond.The relationship between dog and man dates back to almost 15,000 years when dogs, who originated from a common ancestor, followed man throughout his migrations in east Asia. Dogs are some of the most loyal, faithful, selfless animals, and love spending time with their owners. A new study reveals the reason that we feel so close to our animal companions: When humans and dogs look into each other’s eyes, both get a boost of the feel-good hormone oxytocin, which is the same hormone behind the unbreakable bond between new parents and their babies. However, do we take our loving creatures for granted? If your dog were to die, would you feel a hole in your life? I am slowly realizing this. My loving, rambunctious puppy Bodee was recently diagnosed with cancer. As I sat on the floor crying that night, Bodee was there, licking my tears. I’m not sure if he just liked the taste of my tears, or if he actually understood what I was crying about, but I felt so much love towards this animal. I can’t imagine a hike outside without my favorite puppy, always there to keep me going. Eating dinner without Bodee lying on my feet under the table will feel very strange. Walking into school without my jeans covered in dog hair? Ask my friends, that’s not possible. I am realizing now what I do would do differently if I had more time with Bodee. All those hours I spent watching Netflix and scrolling my social media could have been spent with my beloved puppy. To any and all pet owners reading this- please, never take your pets for granted. Play with them, give them treats, and make every effort you can to ensure that they feel as special and loved as possible. Cherish every day you have with them; make every moment count because one day, they may no longer be in your life.